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  1. Neff has beaten Layman everytime last year and this year so I think he has #1 at 170 for regional 🤷‍♀️
  2. Tyson Nisley (LaPorte) over Anthony Rivera (Merrillville) 19-7
  3. Teams are Harrison A, Harrison B, McCutchen, Twin Lakes, Goshen, Fairhaven, SB Riley, LaPorte, Daleville, Columbia City....they all wrestle eachother
  4. Winland has beaten Nisley twice by a point or 2 and at DAC Nisley beat Winland 10-1. Nisley also beat D Taylor 10-4 at Sectionals. Nisley and Ferry has both beaten each other once so This will be an interesting bracket. This is one of those weight classes where they all take turns beating each other.
  5. 126 Skyler Gomez (LaPorte) Dec. over Trey McCartney (Harrison) 11-6
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