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  1. BigManWrestling1

    Team State Vote-In Results

    With the power Busco's coach has I'm surprised they didn't get in especially with these scores.... Busco 53-15 Manchester Southern Wells 38-33 Manchester
  2. BigManWrestling1

    2018 Sectional Forfeit Data

    Then what is your solution? I was just throwing ideas out. We need a solution for the forfeit issue. There will always be forfeits but that data is concerning. Every weight class of every school won't have a kid in it, but with some tweaks I think that forfeits can be limited.
  3. BigManWrestling1

    2018 Sectional Forfeit Data

    Eye opening info, But what can you do? Make kids wrestle? I've always thought a 240-255 pound weight class could help a lot especially if kids weigh 240 and have to wrestle heavy, thats rough. Would it benefit anyone to do that? I think it could be a weight class full of great match ups but it doesn't solve much if thats the only move. I love the idea of combining 106/113 but I think something needs to be done at the upper weights to help too, like meeting in the middle of every weight. Just throwing an idea out there, so say we keep 14 weight classes and just bump them all up a bit- 110, 118, 125, 129, 135, 142, 148, 155, 165, 180, 195, 215, 245, 285. This is just rough weights I thought of on the fly also. Let me know what you think.
  4. BigManWrestling1

    #thefort state predictions pre-sectionals

    106: Flores, Miller, Todd, Boots Shearer, Boots sneaks his way in! 113: Curtis, Shearer, Smith-Goheen, Just Higgins, from Wabash. 1-4 all guys that can push one another all 3 rounds. 120:Watts, Standridge, Mosser, Morrisett Burns, Morrisett gets by and punches. 126: Mejia, Curtis, Schoeff, Whitman Lechner, definitely a tough weight class, top 3 for sure. 132: Gimson, Cottingham, Barr, Haught White, ticket round matches should be good. 138: Moore, Rutter, Gimson, Goering Miller, Moore wins the Semi-State. 145: Hunt, Leazier, Kunkel, Young Prater, from Rochester. This weight class will have solid matches in every round. I think these four wrestlers will punch their tickets but the 1-4 spots are up fro grabs! 152: Stroud, Arney, Macklin, Fielden Beeks, this weight could be interesting. 160: Reed, Winner, Woenker, Hicks Elkins, Reed for sure but very entertaining finals match. 170: Rader, Friedt, Lone, Minnick Hetzner, watch for Minnick, he's wrestling at a very high level right now. 182: Cressell, Graber, Johnson, Christen Cary of Lakeland is a very solid wrestler. The top 3 in this weight class are for locks, that 4th ticket is up for grabs! 195: Rasler, Savieo, Agnew, Davis Gilgi, this weight class could be interesting. Deep class. 220: Hart, Leffers, Smith, Schumm Wicker is very talented but you can see his youth at times. I think these top 4 will be the 4 to punch their tickets but all have the potential to win it. 285: Ault, Yoder, Conner, Parsons Leeper, that 4th spot is up for grabs.
  5. BigManWrestling1

    Carroll Sectional Predictions

    106: Shearer, Teusch, Prater, Vega 113: Shearer, Smith-Goheen, Just, Sheets Deep talent in this weight, a lot of good match ups to look forward too. 120: Standridge,Wertman, Burns, Cornewell I think Chapman could also be fighting for the three and four spots. 126: Hall, Saylor, Heath, Getty I think hall has this one locked up, watch Heath though, that kid is mean. 132: Schrock, Haught, Weilbaker, Busz 138: Burns, Stonestreet, Scott, Parsons 145: Leazier, Davis, Garrett, McKinley Leazier starts his state run Saturday, Cochran is on the watch list also. 152: Arney, Fielden, Pettigrew, Leeper Great finals match here. 160: Reed, Hicks, Baker, Bessesen The best match in this weight class will happen with Hicks and Baker. 170: Minnick, Hills, Byman, Bergman Minnick looking very solid. 182: Rucinski, Bevis, Holly, Wilson Could be a great finals match. 195: Davis, Agnew, Smith, Debolt 220: Smith, Wicker, Miller, Graft 285: Leeper, Hathaway, Rennaker, Mueller

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