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  1. BigDreams1

    Notable wins 1/13

    He got the win at the end of the day but like you said looked a flat. It’s getting to be crunch time and I’m sure the kinks will be worked out.
  2. BigDreams1

    Notable wins 1/13

    I do not think Elwood is one to dodge they go after whoever they feel may be the better match. Could of easily won at 182 against oak hill but bumped up once again for a good match
  3. BigDreams1

    Notable wins 1/13

    5-0 also beat Cole baker in overtime
  4. BigDreams1

    Notable wins 1/13

    195Jalen Morgan (Elwood) over David delph (Frankton) pin 1:36 195Jalen Morgan (elwood) over mossholder (oak hill) 5-0 bumped up for both matches
  5. BigDreams1

    Notable win 1-6

    Jalen Morgan (elwood) dec. Daniel Below (Perry meridian) 7-2
  6. BigDreams1


    182 Jalen morgan (elwood) dec. Tucker Coffman (union city) 3-1
  7. BigDreams1

    Week of 11/20-11/27

    what time?

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