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  1. I agree with this, our coach at Heritage Hills resigned at the end of the school year last year and within two weeks had packed up his family and moved back to NC. His son is already training at M2 Training Center, David Taylor's place in Pennsylvania, yes dad travels twice a month to PA or more according to FB post, crazy things we as parents do for our kids, lol. Son is training I believe with Marine Corps team because his dad coached there years ago, also felt IHSAA in season training restrictions may hinder some of his development. This is a family that relocated strictly for wrestling and doing what they thought was best. Who are we to question parents doing what they think is best.
  2. HH is Heritage Hills, lol. Devon Bell was on the top 25 middle schoolers in the state list was not on the Sigs incoming freshman list they moved I believe around the end of school last year back to NC his dad resigned as HH head coach. Devon was a ISWA state runner up losing to Brady Mcvivitz in the finals a stud from Avon. Devon has won nationals and placed several times. Probably would of been 138-52 as a freshman I know wrestled I believe 142 last year at post season USA Nationals, but is a tall kid say probably 5'10 so do not know what he is weighing now.
  3. The wins and regional/semi state qualifiers are fact based. You seem to not want to accept the facts. No opinion needed here, the facts are HH was I agree dying 4 seasons ago with only 6 wrestlers and 4 wins, three years later 22 wins and you know the rest on our regional and semi state qualifiers. So please state your facts on our program dying because I don't see any. Do not understand your reasoning except you do like Coach Bell. Your are correct we got way off on the topic. Losing Devon Bell is a lost for HH and in my opinion for the state of Indiana. This kid will have a stellar high school career at the state and national level by the time he graduates. He has wrestled with the best upcoming studs in our state and competed on teams that represented our state well and he will be missed. If you don't agree than that is your opinion but I am sure you can ask plenty coaches around the area and state he is a top level wrestler. Good luck to you this coming season;
  4. Really do not understand your vested interest in our program, Coach Bell took a program over that had 4 dual wins with only 4 regionals qualifiers and three years later 22 dual wins and 8 regional and 4 semi state qualifiers that is improvement in any program. Now Coach Zollman can build from here, I do not see the problem with that. Some sports programs are flourishing and wrestling has been on a steady climb, the wins and advancements prove that and Coach Zollman will be build on that. If you don't see that than you have a personal issue with coach Bell so take it up with him. I am sure any wrestling program that can go from 4 wins to 22 would be considered a improving program. Of course I appreciate you monitoring rival programs I would even expect that. This is the reason I do not understand your statement, if you have been monitoring our program than you would of seen a steady improvement the, statistics speak for themselves.
  5. But I am saying through out our athletic programs there has to be a reason for so many coaches leaving.
  6. Not an employee just a tax paying parent that has been involved with HH wrestling for over 10 years. You sure seem to know the inner workings of our program from elementary to high school for an outsider. Dying program that went from 6 wrestlers to 21 and just one away from breaking school record for most semi state qualifiers all this in only three years. Yes look at the numbers it has tripled from the 6 we had three seasons ago. Simply put all this could of been avoided with a mature response of "wish him luck" if you are worried about local schools seems to me you would of wanted to keep him in the area. You are correct his school is online a 3A school if that matters. I have all tne faith in Coach Zollman but Coach Bell was beyond committed to our kids and the program. With all the coaching changes through out our athletics it must fall on the shoulders of the leader of the athletics. You do not have to know the inner workings or be a employee just read the minutes from the board meetings.
  7. I for one a long time supporter of HH, by no means putting this on coach Bell. Coach Bell took these kids all over the nation and was totally committed. I think the disconnect is the AD, 4 coaches in 6 years plus many more coaching changes is on the AD. Why do we have swimming, baseball, volleyball, boys basketball, wrestling all leaving within the past 4 years. Yes, I precise any coach that is committed I just think there is a bigger issue with the coaching carousel in all sports at HH. I don't understand why we as adults can't be a positive influence in our youth without taking stabs at our hard working youth, example NC 1A podium, how do you know this do you know what school he is at because I don't? A mature response to my original post would of been "I wish him luck" but then again that would of been an adult mature response. Of course I wish great things for HH and Coach Zollmam but that does not negate the fact coach Bell took over the program with 6 wrestlers and within three years had more than that qualifying for regionals. Maybe you don't like coach Bell so you try and degrade is son which is wrong we should support all our youth no matter what school. Take you personal issues up with coach Bell and leave Devon out if it.
  8. How is what I said coming from his dad? So your saying our program is dead, with a 22-10 record and only losing to Dual state runners North Posey by 4. With 7 regional qualifiers and 4 semi state qualifiers returning. Obviously this is personal to you because you are not comprehending the facts. Again, and this is not coming from his dad any coach would not want to lose a wrestler of his caliper not saying he is not replaceable just that he is a quality top level wrestler. I mean any wrestler that has been on Indiana national teams and represented our state must have some skills, didn't see any southridge kids even score on him. I went to all the wrestling events, because I have wrestlers and Devon even teched your best wrestler kid twice Carson, who is a quality kid that will be in your varsity lineup as a freshman.
  9. Again, do not understand you statement. Every parent can't think this of their child, if you read my statement. It is just not my opinion that HH lost a quality wrestler it is based on his accomplishments. He has won a state title, 2 National titles even awarded most outstanding wrestler at nationals and placed at nationals I don't know how many times. He even was accepted and trained at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado this past summer, so I would call that a quality wrestler and I am sure a lot of coaches would also. Wrestled for all star teams from Michigan and many other states. You being a southridge supporter I am sure you have seen him wrestle. So you are welcome to explain your statement because I disagree, that not all parents can say this about their child. At this point I know I can't but we are working on it.
  10. Devon Bell is not my child, I just was saying this because I am a HH supporter. Besides every parent can't say their kid is a national champ so with that said I would say we lost a quality kid due to his very accomplished youth accomplishments. His dad had him competing in high school tourneys during summer starting in 7th grade, so he was more than ready for high school. Don't know what you meant by "every parents likes to think this about their child." Are you insinuating he is not a quality wrestler. If that is the case you are way off, he has wrestled all over the nation and done very well, I mean during middle school season last year wrestled over 20 something matches and not one kid even scored a point. We are suppose to build our youth up, not make a statement that has a negative vibe.
  11. Heritage Hills lost a quality kid with incoming freshman Devon Bell relocating to North Carolina. Would of been maybe at 138-152, solid kid with a lot of national level experience. Has won national titles and placed several times at national level tourneys.
  12. They are relocating back to NC. His dad was a coach for the Marine Corps team and I guess felt with the recent success their team is having wanted him in the Marine Corps room. They had 11 AA at the US Open and a National champ. His dad served 26 years in the Corps so relocating back to that area.
  13. I would just like to add being a life long Heritage Hills supporter, with Coach Bell resigning I think Indiana is going to miss out on a quality Kid. Devon Bell, Coach Bell's son would of been a freshman at HH next year and is a top quality wrestler. Placing twice at USA Nationals, winning Adidas Nationals, ISWA runner up, was on our Indiana Schoolboy national team, been wrestling on the National Level for years. Going to miss watching him in a HH singlet, good luck Devon and Coach Bell.
  14. Head Coach Troy Bell at Heritage Hills has resigned, moving back to NC. Good opportunity for a motivated coach. We finished 22-11 last year with 11 returning starters, 7 regional qualifiers and 4 semi state qualifiers returning.
  15. No problem just a life long HH supporter and Devon is a great kid who works is tail off. Thanks for what you do, but the ISWA still gets on my nerves, lol.
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