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Everything posted by Victor

  1. I'm interested I can go at 220, but if you need a 195 I can drop down.
  2. I wrestle at 195, junior, and was a state qualifier this year. I'm open all April, all May except the 5th and the 26th, and June except the 8th and 9th.
  3. Yeah it was at sectionals not regionals my bad
  4. flo has all the rules their website also
  5. I've been trying to find clubs around Marion does anyone know of any
  6. This kid is at 195 I beat him 9-5 at regionals in the bracket it said he was a senior maybe I read something wrong
  7. wrestled around with cody kletteheimer over the summer that kid is a monster.
  8. yes i definitely will, but i don't want my name getting out too much though. Thanks
  9. Who is D. Brooks is he from lewis Cass
  10. Just wondering if anybody knows if ball state is making any moves towards having a wrestling program.
  11. It is not that serious chill man I have seen multiple schoolers that could qualify for high school state
  12. Is there a new rule for what we can wear heard about thought it was rumor
  13. I don't want this seem like I punked out, but i can't make it to IHPO time and money is not in my hands right now, but I hope to see them during the season.
  14. I wrestle in this class and it doesn't really seem like theres anybody too good in this class now in the indiana high school division
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