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  1. Just seen this post. We the Finals on our facebook page Indiana Girls Wrestling.
  2. This is awesome! Sorry I didn't see it sooner. How did things go? We'd be happy to share this info and any other girls tournament opportunities you have to our pages and website in the future. Thanks for the work you are doing to get our girls more chances to wrestle other girls. I can be reached at (317)201-8700 or jasondelois@indianagirlswrestling.com
  3. ATTENTION Coaches, the 3rd Annual IHSGW State is Jan.11 hosted by coach Gary Myers and Hamilton Height HS. BE SURE TO GET YOUR GIRLS REGISTERED BEFORE JAN 4. This is the date of the two qualifying REGIONALS North, and South. Information for these 2 qualifiers and state can be found by clicking below. Regionals will be held Friday Jan. 4. State will be held Friday Jan. 11 weather permitting. If cancelled, delayed or postponed it will be posted on the website below or Indianagirlswrestling.com If you have any questions or need to register go to this website ihsgw.net or just CLICK HERE.
  4. We asked this very question of coach Matt Selis with Penn who has 20+ on his HS team and he replied. It's simple really, we tell them they don't have to wrestle the boys if they don't want to. Over the years this philosophy has played into his hand as you can see. So we took it a step further. Last year we put together 5 RTC sites around the state for just girls. Some had some success and others didn't. What we've found is that the ones that had girls there already thrived and the ones that only had one or two didn't do so well. It's also hit and miss. Sometimes some of these rtc's had 10-15 and other times they had 3-4. The problem is that all the girls are spread out around the state and until it gets out of its what I'm calling infancy stage the numbers will remain minimal. This should happen in the next few years once the IHSAA makes it a state sanctioned event and recognizes it as an official school sport for the girls. These RTC sites are on the ISWA page under the womens tab. The best piece of advise I could share with you is to tell each one of your girls to BRING A FRIEND. Before you know it you'll have a team if they listen. Feel free to give me a call anytime if you have any questions and thanks for adding a girls division to your upcoming tournament. Jason DeLois (317)201-8700.
  5. Indiana Girls Wrestling hosted the 2018 USA Girls Preseason Nationals at New Palestine HS. The tournament was a huge success. 16 teams competed in the duals on day 1 with Indiana Red finishing in 11th place. The top 3 were The Midwest Black Mambas 1st, Missouri Blue 2nd, Lady Pitbulls Purple 3rd. On day two 23 Indiana girls competed and everyone placed. They are: Ella Gahl 1st NOV.102, Heather Crull 1st S/G 74, Kaylie Petersen 1st S/G 120, Elena Thatcher 1st Cadet 132, Riley Dempewolf 1st Cadet 200, Ciera Broukal 1st Junior 117, Autumn Terhune 1st Junior 152, Jasmine Hale 1st Junior 164, Gloria Cloud 2nd Int. 45, Sydney DeLois 2nd S/G 105, Katie Mattingly 2nd Cadet 122, Sierra Pienkowski 2nd Cadet 144, Lita Chowning 2nd Junior 112, Haley Mattingly 2nd Junior 122, Melody Barrows 2nd Junior 138, Rose Kaplan 3rd S/G 89, Destiny Garris 3rd Junior 100, Catie Campbell 4th Cadet 132, Jaryn Strong 4th Junior 127, Matti Givens 5th Nov. 55, Hanna Givens 6th Int. 50, Charissa Fauber 6th Cadet 112, Kendall Moe 8th Nov. 60. 257 girls wrestled on day two. Indiana IGNITES will be traveling to the Athena Nationals In Harrison, Ohio Nov. 3
  6. We are excited to announce that this year we are hosting the USA Girls Preseason Folkstyle Nationals OCT. 20-21. The duals will be on Oct. 20 and the Open on the 21st. This event will take place at New Palestine High School for the second year. Last year we hosted 8 teams and are very excited to say that we've doubled the size of the tournament in 1 year to 16 teams. The Teams that will be represented are The Black Mambas from IOWA, MISSOURI Red and Blue, TENNESSEE Red and Blue, OHIO Red and Blue, GEORGIA Red and Blue, Team MICHIGAN, LADY PITS Purple and Turquise from MICHIGAN, WISCONSIN, TEXAS, and INDIANA Red (Indiana IGNITES). This will be the single biggest ALL GIRL National Duals Indiana has ever hosted for scholastic girls on a given day. We will hold wrestle-offs this Saturday at Harrison HS in Lafayette for anyone who wishes to challenge a weight class from 12-2. There are many exciting things happening during this tournament. Wrestle Like-A-Girls own AXA Molina will be hosting a FREE CLINIC on Sunday from 8:30-9:30am. We will be giving out Custom CHAMPION Singlets to the entire team winners of the duals as well as One-of-a-kind custom trophies to the top 3 teams. All winners of each weight class in every division will also win a CHAMPION singlet. There will be a social after the duals on Saturday night to discuss the future of women's wrestling. We will be giving out the first ever Harvey's Hammer Award to the tournaments Outstanding wrestler and a $1500 scholarship to the tournaments top performing senior in memory of Brent Harvey of War Of The Roses (WOTR). There will be close to 300 girls with many National Champs and All Americans competing both days. If you are considering getting your daughter some quality matches this year then this is one you don't want to miss because its right in your backyard. The event is 2 weeks away. We'll attach flyers for both tournaments and a link to enter the Open. Your Indiana IGNITES plan on bringing the heat and will try to retain our title as The 2018 USA Girls Preseason National Duals Champs. If you have any questions please feel free to call, text or email anytime or go to our website for more information @ Indianagirlswrestling.com. CLICK HERE to Register for the Open. Thanks, Jason DeLois ISWA Women's Director jasondelois@indianagirlswrestling.com (317)201-8700 2018 Girls Preseason National Duals pdf.docx 2018 Girls Preseason Nationals Open pdf.docx
  7. In response to Indianamats question of the Indiana Roster for Fargo. As the women's director I can only provide the names and weights of the 6 women who will represent Team Indiana at Fargo. However, there will be nearly 70 wrestlers representing Team Indiana. The six Women representing Team Indiana are; 1. Jasmine Hale Cadet 152lbs. from Pike HS/returning Fargo All-American. 2. Ciera Broukal Junior 112lbs. from Bloomington South/returning Fargo All-American 3. Jaryn Strong Junior 122lbs. from Terre Haute South 4. Alara Boyd Junior 144lbs. from Yorktown/returning Fargo Runner-Up 5. Autumn Terhune Junior 152lbs. from Warren Central HS. 6. Lexi Bernal Junior 152lbs. from Lebannon HS Next year our goal is to double this number and triple the next making the largest girls team ever represented in Fargo. This year we experienced a tremendous growth in girls freestyle numbers. Historically the freestyle state finals has averaged 28 girls over the past 5 years. This year we had 57. We have implemented all girls RTC's and also hosted the first annual 2018 Midwest Inferno all girls national freestyle tournament April 28 one week before state. We are also hosting the USA Girls Girls Pre-Season Folkstyle National Duals and Open Oct. 20-21. Last year was the inaugural with 8 states represented in the duals and 141 girls in the Open. This year we are opening it up to 12 teams and are expecting over 200 for the open. This tournament will be hosted at New Palestine High School by Indiana Girls Wrestling and sponsored by War Of The Roses. Please call or text 317-201-8700 or email indianagirlswrestling@gmail.com if you have any more questions. There is no doubt Indiana Girls Wrestling is on the rise! Thanks, Jason DeLois Indianagirlswrestling.com
  8. Information on this year's IHSGW can be found at this site IHSGW.net or just CLICK HERE. Hope this helps.
  9. IGW hosted the Inaugural USA Girls Preseason National Duals and Open over the weekend. The tournament was a huge success bringing together over 140 girls which makes it the biggest girls wrestling event in Indiana history. Indiana was represented well by filling two teams Indiana Red/Blue. Indiana Red would go on to win the duals beating Ohio in the Finals. Six other states were represented. They were Wisconsin, Missouri, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio and Georgia. IGW girls were even more impressive by going into the second day placing several wrestlers. They were as follows. Division I 45lbs. Hanna Givens 4th 45lbs. Gloria Cloud 6th Division II 55lbs. Matti Givens 7th 60lbs. Amelia Murphy 3rd 70lbs. Jaden Hughes 5th 75lbs. Rianne Murphy 1st Undefeated all weakend 90lbs. Ella Gahl 2nd SchoolGirl 81-89lbs. Rose Kaplan 7th 81-89lbs. Charissa Fauber 2nd 97lbs. Sydney DeLois 2nd 105lbs. Hurshal Pol 4th Cadet/Junior 94lbs. Madeline Rearick 1st 94lbs. Jaden Johnson 2nd 106lbs. Cierra Broukal 1st Undefeated all weekend 112lbs. Kaylee Adams 1st 117lbs. Jaryn Strong 2nd 132lbs. Selina Brown 2nd 138bls. Camyle Cain 1st Undefeated all weekend 138lbs. Sierra Pienkowski 2nd 168-180lbs. Jasmine Hale 2nd 200lbs. Andelisa Henry 3rd IGW would like to personally thank the states very finest pairers Pat Culp and Pat VanHorn for running the tournament on Trackwrestling. Also everyone who pitched in and volunteered to make this tournament a huge success from parents to students. Without your support these things would not be possible. A special thanks goes out to The Family of Brent Harvey, Megan Hurst and Harold Bucher for pressing forward and sponsoring it through War Of The Roses which we have been re-assured will continue. Great job everyone see you next year.
  10. Indiana Girls Wrestling (IGW IGNITES) has been devoted to the growth of women's wrestling in the state for almost a year now. We currently have 72 girls in our database who frequently receive emails and updates on current tournaments and camps that offer girls divisions and instruction.We brought the first ever War of The Roses Nationally syndicated ALL Girls tournament to Indianapolis last November and had 46 girls from around the country participate. We have been working very hard with Brent Harvey (War Of The Roses and Regional USA Wrestling women's director) to host The 2017 USA Wrestling Girls Folkstyle Pre-Season Nationals. It will be a two day tournament starting on Oct. 27 and ending on Oct. 28 2017. The first night there will be an 8 team dual with a crossover Championship round. Champion singlets and a trophy will be given to the winning team. The second day will be an OPEN for any girl KIDS I thru Masters division can participate in. Champion singlets will also be given to each winner as well as Custom placement medals. We will attach the flyers to this message. If you have or know of any girl who would like to participate please contact Jason DeLois @ 317-201-8700. The tournament will be up on TRACK in a couple weeks after we field any questions or problems other states or coaches may have. If you would like more information on Indiana Girls Wrestling check out our Website at IndianaGirlsWrestling.com. Or you can like our Facebook page under Indiana Girls Wrestling by CLICKING HERE. 2017girlspreseasonnationalduals4.0.pdf 2017girlspreseasonnationals3.0.pdf
  11. Indiana Girls wrestled well at the 2017 Women's Freestyle National Championships this past weekend taking home a lot of hardware. Seven girls traveled to Irving Texas representing Indiana. The Indiana IGNITES took five while the other two were from Academies. The five IGNITES were Rianne Murphy DIV. II 75Lbs. 2nd Place, Ella Gahl Div. II 85 Lbs. 6th Place, Sydney DeLois Div. II 90 Lbs. 1st Place, Madeline Rearick SG 81Lbs. 4th Place, Charissa Fauber SG 89Lbs. 7th Place. The other two were Alara Boyd Cadet 65 KG. from CIA who captured her second consecutive Cadet Title punching her ticket to Greece in August wrestling on the USA Cadet World Team 1st Place. And last, but certainly not the least was Selina Brown Junior 59 KG. from Indiana Pride DNP, but wrestled hard in a deeply loaded bracket. For more Info On the IGNITES CLICK HERE! Or feel free to call or text 317.201.8700
  12. Thank you ISWA for selecting me as the girls team leader for Fargo this year. For future reference my name is spelled Jason DeLois in case it will be needed for any legal forms. As many of you know women's wrestling has had significant growth over the past decade. We have recently started an Indiana Girls National Team (Indiana Girls Wrestling IGNITES) and look forward to promoting and sponsoring all our Indiana Girls now and in the future. We can be found on Facebook and Instagram under Indiana Girls Wrestling. All information on the team can be found on our website IndianaGirlsWrestling.com. The team will be coached by myself, Coach Chad Fauber River City WC, and Coach Thomas Johnson Warren Wrestling Academy.
  13. I just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Jason DeLois. I have started an Indiana Girls Wrestling National Team and we are called the Indiana IGNITES. You can find us on Facebook, or Instagram under Indiana Girls Wrestling. We have also started a website and can be found at IndianaGirlsWrestling.com. I have been involved with wrestling for roughly 30+ years and know many of you already. My first coach was Alan Goddard in the mid eighties at Fulton Jr. High School. I then went to Ben Davis and wrestled for Tony Starks, and his good friend Jim Tonte. Following high school I wrestled at U Indy and with Tonte and Schoettle. I have been coaching for 15 years off and on and am currently the Head Club coach at New Palestine High School. My interest in girls wrestling started when my daughter Sydney came home from school one day and asked to wrestle. I guess it was inevitable since she had been around it since birth, but I was still a bit surprised. Since then we have wrestled all over the country and she is currently 3rd in the Nation in Folkstyle and hopefully soon to be 1st in Freestyle this weekend at Body Bar in Texas, God-willing. I would like to thank the ISWA for selecting me as the 2017 Fargo Women's team leader. It is very humbling knowing that I am privileged enough to be selected to such an Elite Core of Coaches and Individuals. I am a very busy person throughout the day and spend all my nights with my family, but I will try to be more frequent on the sight with posting of upcoming news and information pertaining to Indiana Girls Wrestling. Thanks for your time, and have a great day. Please feel free to call or text anytime if you have questions about the team. Jason DeLois Indianagirlswrestling@gmail.com IndianaGirlsWrestling.com 317.201.8700
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