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  1. True! Unfortunately it hasnt always happened that way at our school. Most Match points is what is used as the criteria. It doesn't make logical sense and history has shown it to be a faulty.
  2. How does your school, when it has has more then one stud, decide who will take home the MVP that year? Team points, Match points, how far they go in state series, a Co-MVP?...Will one way handicap or skew the results unfairly (like if someone is a quick pinner)?
  3. Presbyterian didn’t have a wrestling program. So anytime a new program is added it’s awesome for our sport! Congrats to Bryton for getting to be a part of it.
  4. It’s awesome a new D1 Men’s and Women’s Wrestling program is starting, congrats Bryton!
  5. I haven't found the answer, and maybe some one can share some insight, how on an unweighted 4.0 scale do coaches still submit score's above a 4.0?
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