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Everything posted by Kookie953

  1. Do you mean the "Milan Miracle"? Jimmy Chitwood of Hoosiers....errr Bobby Plump of Milan? My grandpa worked at the Chrysler plant on the Eastside of Indy but my grandma lived in Muncie, and legend had it he could sneak out at first break, make it home to "take care of business" around lunch, and sneak back into the plant by the 2nd break without the boss knowing because he would make his quota. He was called "The Muncie Flash" because of it but not the Muncie Miracle.
  2. I can't say I understand exactly where you're going here, but 1971 was the last year the Indiana Basketball state finals was held in Hinkle. It was then held for 3 years in Assembly Hall at IU, then moved to Market Square Arena for 15 years, and then the Hoosier Dome for the "Damon Bailey Game". Finally landed at Conseco / Bankers LIfe in 2000.
  3. It's difficult to attribute to a single reason for why class basketball "hasn't worked"...and nobody is necessarily saying it hasn't. But it hasn't been as successful as promised. I know this because my senior year was the last year for the single class tournament, and I actually spoke out against it as a player to the IHSAA. (For those that know me personally, don't laugh...yes I used to play basketball. Screw you for giggling). Full disclosure, I came from a huge 6A high school. But a few things have definitely hurt attendance. Most important was the killing of geographic rivalries in
  4. Just as a point of contention, the same argument (growing the sport and getting more participation) was also used for class basketball but the results haven't really been seen. My point in bringing that up isn't just to say it was a failure per se...it's a complicated issue and there's a LOT that goes into it. But just as importantly, my contention is that splitting into classes will not dramatically have an effect on participation numbers. A 1A school with a struggling program will not magically attract 20 kids to wrestle just because they think they have a chance at a sectional titl
  5. I get Jelly-Of-The-Month Club as compensation where I work, but I’m not really complaining. It’s the gift that keeps on givin all year long.
  6. May have been why it’s one of the first posts in this thread.
  7. Yeah he was a decent basketball player but wanted to give this new sport a whirl...we don't do 2 sports in the same season and now he's a gym rat in a totally different sport. I don't think he's going back...he only plays basketball with his buddies for fun now but his new stated long-term goal is to qualify for State one day. And I agree. Seeing what's going on at RC and Contenders, the clubs, and the Middle Schools the future is bright. Having the 2 first class academies, with truly awesome and caring coaches in Coach Red and Coach Parrish...it's a great time to be in PoundSignTh
  8. So time to take a quick break and provide a distraction to the loaded regional and SS talk. My son is new to the sport...it was a little over a year ago that he decided he wanted to give wrestling a try. Something about watching kids under the lights at Bankers Life in 2015 provided that spark. So as a 5th grader he started on his journey. After a bit of research, we learned about Red Cobra and he’s been in that sweat box ever since...and most nights I’m also spending a few hours listening to Coach Red bark instructions to all the kids. Now true confession time...I never wre
  9. As great of a wrestler as he is, he’s an even better kid and role model. My son is a beginner wrestler in 6th grade that’s working hard to be like his idol, but frankly is really really far from being elite. Brayton still takes the time and effort to talk, mentor, and encourage my kid every time he sees him...and this is not unique to my son. Brayton understands and embraces his role as an “elite” wrestler and uses that platform to grow the sport and make an impact. As mentioned in the article, here is a dude that by all rights should be BMOC as a senior, but instead takes every
  10. Noticed that. So they just swapped Conley and R Reynolds at 145 & 152?
  11. Hi Jay. Sorry I didn't see this in time. I have a 115 6th grader always interested in rolling around if it fits in the schedule, so let us know if there's anything else you will be doing this season.
  12. I realize this is probably due to multiple state titles, but participation at the 2 Brownsburg Middle Schools is up considerably. This year the 2 piece was "marketed" to all the boys and the wrestling team at one of the middle schools is double it's size compared to last year. I think it makes a huge difference, especially to middle-schoolers that are good athletes but did not grow up in the sport...and the idea of the singlet is pretty intimidating at that age. There's a whole lot of newbies in the room now and I have to think the 2 piece uniform plays some part in their decision.
  13. Correction. He was so awesome tonight that the cats were grooming him.
  14. I understand your point, but if a kid is going to quit because he got beat by a hammer and he's a first year wrestler...he ain't a kid that is going to fight for your program anyway. If a coach talks him up, encourages him, tells him the potential he sees...yet he still doesn't want to roll around and get better...well it aint gonna happen. And you're better off moving on to someone else in the pipeline.
  15. Somewhere the big ginger McCormick is shuddering thinking about getting to 195 again.
  16. Red Cobra? Contenders? CIA? Mauer? RWA? Fabio Jr? Interesting technique for sure...
  17. Switzerland County wrestling is known for their neutral position.
  18. I've often said that nearly every HS football coach in the US would be out of a job if the public were able to hack into and listen to the conversations said during games over the headsets. I know it's the same during wrestling. I'm amused another coach was butt-hurt about it.
  19. Congrats and good luck to Gunnar...I had to deal with him on the football field and I always liked watching him except when playing us. Also a blast to watch the kid wrestle. Good luck at West Point!
  20. As a football coach, you are an absolute idiot if you don't try to fill your defense with wrestlers...and on the flip-side if you have a kid that plays defense and doesn't do a winter sport if you don't "strongly encourage" him to get in the wrestling room. Even if he has never done it and only gets to wrestle JV (and do nothing but practice tackling 2+ hours a day all winter).
  21. Since I would love to see this topic get to double-digit pages...I wanted to clarify one thing. Granted, it's a small sample size, but it's just an untrue statement that "big schools have kids that specialize". The state champs this year, which is a "big school"...half their kids that advanced to state are 2-sport athletes...and that happens to be the heavier weights that played football. And they didn't just play, they all were major contributors. The staff does an excellent job of working together and embracing multi-sport kids. Heck, our kid at 145 really loves football and has
  22. So that's what you latch on to? LOL. You ignore the "hard part" about building your program to compete with anyone and instead pull out a score? Anyway, I have to get back to work. Have fun.
  23. Fair question...and the same way that anyone else does. As a coach you go sell your program. You build upon small incremental steps. Logan Boe seemed to do OK for Danville. Build on that. I see quite a few Cascade kids at Red Cobra. I suspect there may be more at Contenders. Develop your future. Beg and borrow kids and make it meaningful. Get buy in from the football coach that you're going to build better athletes together. And oh btw, the dual score for Brownsburg / Ben Davis was something like 67-10 (I would have to look it up, but BD only had Campbell win I think). What
  24. I guess all I can go by is what I know...which admittedly is not much. But I do think I kind of have a bit of a unique perspective because I'm that parent going through having my kid wrestle for the first time right at this very moment. So maybe to add some color to this, here's our story and why I think it applies...and why the class we are in has nothing to do with it. I've posted something similar elsewhere, but it's a good study in program building. We live in Brownsburg. My son is a 5th grader and just started wrestling in November. He has been a football and basketball player hi
  25. I know. I guess I forgot that I'm "unknown" here even though I've lurked for awhile. I was parroting the argument. I do think it waters down the tournament, but my "just give them 6 classes" was tongue-in-cheek.
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