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  1. Those are some STACKED teams! Good luck to everyone...and man do I see a whole lot of #PainTrain on there...
  2. I think you’re right. Obviously remembered the Hunt / Slivka match bc the stakes were a little higher, but I do have a memory of what you describe.
  3. That’s one thing I was thinking...and if so I like it too. It’s the *ing State Championship so best to leave it all out there. I was watching it live and haven’t had a chance to watch the TV broadcast of that match yet, so hard to catch everything. Thanks for responses.
  4. One thing I've not seen discussed on here, but I thought was a bit of a head-scratcher...I'm assuming because of my relative ignorance of the sport. Going into the 3rd period, Slivka was up 1-0 and Hunt had choice and chose neutral. This question is not a shot on the Yorktown coaches or Hunt, as both the program and wrestler are terrific...but why do that? I would think the thought process would be to choose down to get your own escape and then at worse-case you go to OT? What are some of the possibilities on why you don't choose that? Knowledge that Slivka was that much better on top
  5. @Fabio Jr. obviously can answer but I thought I remember BLee saying that Mulkey was his workout partner. Thought I remembered 170 SQ Anthony Ciccarelli did last year but could be wrong on that. Regarding BLee and football, it's mostly unknown that BLee was a phenomenal football player growing up too. And this is not a shot at Lawrenceburg, but it's just a fact that there's a bit different caliber of football player on the schedule at 3A Lawrenceburg and 6A Brownsburg. So that's a bit of an apples-to-apples comparison, as I know BLee really entertained the thought of playing past hi
  6. If you google “highway robbery” the link should pop right up there at the top.
  7. Exactly. This. In all sports many refs self-police / refuse themselves if they’re associated with a school. I didn’t know wrestling didn’t do this until tonight.
  8. My knee-jerk reaction is to call #dbag, but we have more class than that. Tonight didn’t go as we wanted, but congrats to all those that won and congrats to the Irish. Still proud of the #paintrain, and will miss watching these seniors do their thing. Feel blessed to have been able to watch BLee and that my kid gets to look up to and follow his example. Kudos to all individual winners.
  9. If you’re associated with a school...alumni, former coach, live in the district, etc...then no, you shouldn’t officiate those matches. This goes for anyone, including BBurg. Just to avoid this situation.
  10. Ok, obviously as I’ve posted before I’m new to the sport, but do try to know the rules...so I would like some clarity. I thought snapping from a front headlock seems like improving to me? Isn’t that taught? I know it is to my 6th grader. And arent rules different in 30 second OTs? Been told a stalemate needs to be given before a stalling call in that situation? I’ll hang up and listen.
  11. Is he or is he not a Cathedral alumni and program supporter? Its flat-out wrong, if the above questions about the ref are true, for that guy to be officiating a match with a Cathedral kid wrestling. That’s not just common sense, but is also the ethical thing to do. The main reason? Because in a close match, no matter what, the ref giving “his kid” a mystery point to tie it up is going to have the appearance to many as homering the call...and costing a kid a state title and potentially an entire team a championship. He could be the most ethical guy in the world, but you don’t p
  12. Asa has been lights out and Boarman on one leg deserves a lot of praise.
  13. Well this is even better. Not only do the Irish get to openly recruit, they also got an official in the bag. For the record, this is not a shot at Melloh, who wrestled his backside off. But all the advantages for his school get tiresome. And word on the street is that he’s not only a Cathedral supporter, but also an alumni.
  14. Of note...before hwt the score should be 97 BBurg 93 Irish until the ref decided blow the call. Will be interesting how it will effect the outcome.
  15. I thought it was the refs doing that (telling Washington to go shake his hand) but maybe just me.
  16. And if anyone missed it, BLee was gracious to the officials, the Zionsville coaches, and Wagner after the semifinal match. He then congratulated Wagner again while walking off and appeared to say some nice things.
  17. I imagine it was something to the effect of “your awful officiating just cost my senior a chance at a State Championship.” It was an awful call. No idea how a kid can be stalling when he’s running a guy up and down. Much less when there is 2 sec to go in the match. again, his senior was just robbed.
  18. Haters gon hate. BLee is one of the most humble kids I’ve ever been around. He is also one of the fiercest competitors I’ve ever seen, which is what makes him the wrestler he is. If a kid just wrestls him, I have never seen him be anything but gracious. If you try to show him up by doing a lot of talking and then shoving/punching him in the face after the first period, then you’re going to get the angry BLee that’s going to respond in kind. If others on this thread are talking about being unsportsmanlike in his takedowns and cutting kids...the kid likes TDs. If he liked pins and
  19. I've seen him in action as a golf manager. He's arguably better carrying around bags and cleaning clubs than he is at takedowns. He's a multiyear finalist for Manager Of The Year.
  20. So sorry. Lots of prayers....this is always so heartbreaking, whether you know the person or not. Mainly because most of us have experience with this.
  21. Great post and great idea. Makes a lot of sense.
  22. Yes of course. But it's also disingenuous to pretend that there isn't a way to seed it. There are plenty of stats that could help. And I guess that means wrestling should also follow in football's shoes and have a total blind draw sectional as well? Nothing more awesome than 6A football where 2 of the best teams in the state playing each other week 1 on one side of the 4 team bracket, and 2 teams with a combined 3 wins playing each other on the other side. And this happens every year. It stinks that the state finals of wrestling follows a similar course. But your point is true
  23. As a newbie, why is this continued to be allowed to happen? Why is everything else seeded / placed except for the most important day? This will be my 3rd state finals watching and this never makes sense to me on why there are these ridiculous draws? Under the lights should be the best two wrestlers...not one that went through a meat grinder to get there and another that had an easier path. To be certain, I'm taking nothing away from anyone that has or will get there...just seems like something is wrong with this picture (and especially since everything else is seeded in some manner).
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