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  1. You're right. The out of state guy was from Detroit at a holiday tourney and was also nationally ranked. And I just meant last season, not his career.
  2. Thanks for the clarification. Makes sense. Side note...the 300 mile rule the IHSAA refuses to come off of is really dumb too. LOL.
  3. And this is why it's ridiculous that they get to compete in the IHSAA State Finals. Nothing against these kids, or really against Culver as they don't make the rules, but how they do it in most other states is how it should be done. If you're not a public school designated by a geographical area, then you get your own tournament. And honestly I don't know what the difference is between Culver and La Lumiere as far as how they are set up (obviously they are much different schools...I just mean in how they are classified). They are a live-in school that draws kids from across the n
  4. I don't know without looking it up, but BLee was close last year. I know he went through the entire tournament teching or falling everyone. Regardless, Allred is the truth and a ridiculous accomplishment!
  5. Track in general has been totally hosed. Trying to "watch" down here in Texas and lots of issues. Currently frozen now right after Allred pinned Nunn. Mat 3 still not operational on the normal Track, not TrackCast.
  6. I also didn't know that Contenders and Coach Parrish were the only academy...someone may be confused as Contenders is in Bburg and some other joint called Red Cobra is in Avon. To @MattyB point...I cheer for all these kids because I see how hard they work all year long. I'm a Bburg guy through and through but will root on Brewer because I see what he's doing in July when it's 100+ degrees in the sweat-box behind the Thai Restaurant off of Rockville Road. I root for Asa because he has no fear of getting together with other county guys and making each other better. He puts in time doin
  7. Bburg 9 thru, 2 champs with the Big Fellas Aiken and Keys. #PainTrain
  8. Brewer from Avon deserves some mention...dominating day for him. And Asa being Asa. As well as Aiken who 1st period pinned his way to the finals then defeated the #1 dude in the semi-state. Hashtag TheCounty Biz*&#!
  9. Big Lawson Aiken of Bburg fresh off signing his D1 football scholarship completes a heckuva week by beating Bolte of Columbus East for the 220 lbs Semi-State title! And The Burg sends 9 to The Bank! Keys coming up at HWT.
  10. Wow. That's pretty incredible...and I'd say unusual! Down here in Texas where we just moved if we want to do any freestyle / greco then we have to travel for 3 hours. Of course, in Texas 3 hours away is "Right Next Door".
  11. Only 1 I can argue with (160), and it was as good of a draw for Ison as could have hoped. He's skilled enough to have a day and sneak his way into the Bank...so he's on my bracket buster list there.
  12. Brew-dog you're a good egg. And I enjoy watching our friends to the south each week as well...even if I'm now watching the cartoon characters wrestle in one of 3 different positions on Track.
  13. The Burg advancing all 14 at the loaded Mooresville Regional is a heckuva accomplishment. With 6 champs. And holy crap the 132 weight class with Asa, Boe, and Campbell is stupid good. Those 3 have a great chance of all placing at The Bank. The fact they all are in same sectional is ridiculous for them, but a lot of fun for us fans. I enjoy watching all 3 of those kids wrestle.
  14. Where is there a Bloomingdale's?? Is it some sort of secret underground club under the Monon that you have to knock 3 times, show your Rolex, and whisper "sauna suits" to get in?
  15. Glad there appears to be at least 3 of us. LOL.
  16. I posted this on another thread on Facebook recently, but we are wrestling newbies as a family. One thing I have never understood is the entire weigh-in process to begin with, moreso from an efficiency standpoint than any other reason...but if the sport was really serious about weight programs then this solution I thought about makes sense. If I ruled the world then everyone would weigh in mat-side. Have one of those old school scales set to the proper weight for that mat. Have each wrestler step on the scale when they are on-deck. If the scale goes to the fatso side (the side I am mo
  17. I second this enthusiastically.
  18. It was awesome. All the talk is in good fun...always good to hang out with our friends to the south and glad we could all come together and make it happen!
  19. Fabio I'm not sure if you saw the emails, but the parents of the poor Team USA kids that had to stay in Avon have complained VERY loudly to Joe. "We thought our kids were going to be staying in Brownsburg! If someone would have told us our kids would have had to go to Avon we would have never allowed them to participate." Between the whole weigh-in controversy and this, I'm surprised we were able to have the event at all.
  20. So I’m one of the #PainTrain families lucky enough to host two of the Team USA kids. Side note, what an awesome group of young men on both sides. Was a blessing to spend time with great young people. But my kid I’m hosting just said (In between games of Fortnight) “Man! I knew about Mason and Brayton of course...but your Indiana dudes brought it and that was really impressive. And what an awesome atmosphere and such a fun dual...I’m so happy I came to this!” Our State did just fine tonight.
  21. There’s a whole bunch over in Avon area doing ping-pong, pool, and Fortnight. i also have 110” HD surround sound Awesomeness if kids are jonesing for Fortnight. DM for address. My 2 I’m hosting are with the Avon group currently. Totally serious btw if any of the kids need something to do.
  22. Excellent point...and I know little about wrestling but I do know coaching, and I have been incredibly impressed by some of these high school kids I've seen teaching technique to a room of 50+ of their peers. That is not an easy thing to do for anyone, let alone someone that is under 20 years old! The future for Indiana is very very bright as I expect these kids teaching the sport now to continue to give back in the future.
  23. So Ayersman has everyone beating his drum and he's no longer good enough to do the RWO posts on IndianaMat? Both posting and teaching too much? I'm just glad this board is fully anonymous so he'll (or Fabio or Snyder) will never know who posted this smack talk. But opening up the new room is going to be awesome.
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