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  1. RT @PopularPups: "My dog became a shark when I bought new carpet." https://t.co/6PkBJhovY1

  2. RT @aj_bethel: Enough with the SC stories poking fun at Indiana weather.... you’re pissing it off.

  3. RT @masonlancaster5: Guys I need everyone’s help on this???? RT!!! @HighlightHump https://t.co/64VzKYCCxE

  4. RT @Bussss42_: I am proud to announce that I will be Wrestling and continue with my academics at Wabash College. I can’t wait to see what t…

  5. RT @AthleteSwag: Brock Holt hilariously explains why he didn’t want to fight the Yankees https://t.co/qGPJtmV4tX

  6. RT @joe_nam7: Only 90’s babies will understand this? https://t.co/vTF92UkR76

  7. RT @england_cordell: RT this if you’re just ready for this semester to be over.

  8. RT @makpahl29: Make it happen. @GSteveson https://t.co/RfF6JPhgnF

  9. People who are hypocritical really make me mad

  10. RT @AustinMoore85: Congrats again to coach Fleshman! @CN_Wrestlin @CNCathletics https://t.co/WzraE3I0Se

  11. RT @cffmwachsman: Winningest CFB programs by decade: 2000-2009 1 Boise State .868 2 Texas .853 3 Oklahoma .821 4 Ohio State .803 5 USC .77…

  12. RT @RespekMyAt: Imagine a whole Hawk at your front door ready to square tf up https://t.co/7R1Q7hwDRq

  13. RT @NicholeLauren1: I got bored so Northern Indiana High Schools as Vines: a thread

  14. RT @CTrost7: RT if you got spanked and you are not violent https://t.co/gM2B5ZTFTJ

  15. RT @CERTYPESO: 90s and early 2000s babies wya https://t.co/41sTfam7Au


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