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    Taylor83 got a reaction from indianmorg in 3x middle school champ   
    Well I watched Mendez beat Jacob Moran and Raymond Rioux at the Indianamat Hoosier Preseason Open last September.
    He won it all.  Very impressed.
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    Taylor83 reacted to jets in How about those wrestlebacks?   
    This is spot on. 
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    Taylor83 reacted to grappleapple in How about those wrestlebacks?   
    So if you like the current system you have to be in favor of kids getting screwed? Comments like this are ignorant, plain and simple. We are all here because we love this sport and want what is best for it. We don't have to agree on everything, but to pretend we don't care about those participating because of whether or not we like wrestle backs is just plain dumb.
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    Taylor83 got a reaction from HemiCuda in Fort Wayne or New Haven SS?   
    Great job today Berne Witness. It is very much appreciated. 
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    Taylor83 reacted to aoberlin in All semi states deserve credit   
    You can have Carroll. No one likes them.
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    Taylor83 got a reaction from meiteljorge in Article: #WrestlingWednesday: Eiteljorge is kinda cool   
    You are correct. Nobody is that cool. Good luck. Hope to see you in a week. 
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    Taylor83 reacted to Ed Pendoski in Article: #WrestlingWednesday: Eiteljorge is kinda cool   
    Welch just asked what a hyper bowl is.  I told him it comes after the super bowl.  It's OK
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    Taylor83 got a reaction from meiteljorge in Article: #WrestlingWednesday: Eiteljorge is kinda cool   
    I wish nothing but the best for Jack.  He is a great kid and a tremendously hard worker.  We have had the privilege of watching him train over the last few often seasons.  He deserves what he is getting. 
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    Taylor83 reacted to TripleB in If wrestling was a class sport........   
    Oh boy......HERE..WE..GO!!!!
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    Taylor83 reacted to Tony McGinley in Most to Semi-State?   
    Columbus East final results:
    We brought 13 as stated above,
    9 champs
    1 runner up
    1 third
    2 fourths
    13 advancers 
    Looking forward to preparation for SS and getting better everyday. At a boys! 
    Coach McGinley
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    Taylor83 reacted to Seabass1989 in Most to Semi-State?   
    Regional was today. As in this “week”.   I think you gentleman are referring to the word WEAK    Totally different meanings altogether   But hey I’m no NCAA qualifier    
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    Taylor83 reacted to Jcjcjc in Most to Semi-State?   
    Chesterton got 14 through. 
    Week regional...funny
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    Taylor83 reacted to Brian in Most to Semi-State?   
    No, it's just one day.
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    Taylor83 reacted to FCFIGHTER170 in Year round wrestling hurting the sport?   
    It only ruins the kids seasons that AREN'T  WRESTLING in the summer because the kids that do pass them by and evolve at a faster rate are wrestling more...If you wanna be on that podium in most cases you better wrestle year round because this is a unforgiving sport and it's very evident with most good wrestlers that they put the extra work in... the game don't wait, period. 
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    Taylor83 reacted to maligned in 2A Team State Qualification Scores (unofficial through sectional)   
    Here are unofficial 2A Team State Qualification scores through sectional. They remain unofficial because Evansville semi-state teams haven't gone through a full cross-check and because we are trying to get the facts about Indianapolis Public School consolidation plans for next year that could affect the classification of a couple teams.
    Remember from previous years that 2A scores are somewhat significant at this stage, but any team in the top 30 or so probably has a good shot still.
    Rank Class 2A Teams Score Left 1 Wawasee 152 14 2 Western 152 14 3 North Montgomery 142 13 4 Jimtown 142 8 5 Leo 133 10 6 West Vigo 131 6 7 Oak Hill 127 10 8 Edgewood 124 9 9 Hammond Gavit 122 12 10 Gibson Southern 122 8 11 Garrett 122 12 12 Madison Consolidated 119 10 13 Bellmont 119 9 14 New Prairie 118 11 15 Southmont 118 10 16 Greencastle 116 5 17 Southridge 116 12 18 Delta 116 12 19 South Dearborn 113 10 20 Maconaquah 108 9 21 Boonville 107 7 22 Rochester Community 104 7 23 Lebanon 103 6 24 Hamilton Heights 102 2 25 Yorktown 102 11 26 Heritage Hills 100 8 27 Fort Wayne Bishop Dwenger 100 5 28 Peru 100 9 29 Lakeland 99 9 30 Franklin County 98 10 31 Calumet 97 9 32 West Lafayette 97 6 33 New Haven 96 7 34 Norwell 96 7 35 Culver Academies 94 9 36 NorthWood 94 6 37 Angola 93 9 38 Rensselaer Central 91 10 39 Monrovia 91 6 40 Crawfordsville 90 7 41 Manchester 90 5 42 Evansville Reitz Memorial 88 8 43 Lawrenceburg 87 7 44 West Noble 87 7 45 Indianapolis Bishop Chatard 84 4 46 Indian Creek 83 6 47 Vincennes Lincoln 82 6 48 Benton Central 73 6 49 Twin Lakes 73 7 50 Jasper 71 6 51 Marion 69 7 52 South Vermillion 64 4 53 Northwestern 62 5 54 Wheeler 61 5 55 Guerin Catholic 61 3 56 Sullivan 61 3 57 Rushville Consolidated 60 5 58 Danville Community 60 3 59 Frankfort 57 3 60 Fort Wayne Concordia Lutheran 56 2 61 Mississinewa 56 3 62 Pike Central 54 7 63 Glenn 52 3 64 Greensburg 52 4 65 Charlestown 51 6 66 Scottsburg 51 3 67 Fairfield 51 3 68 Brown County 50 3 69 Evansville Bosse 50 5 70 South Bend Washington 49 5 71 Mount Vernon 49 2 72 Griffith 48 1 73 Heritage 48 3 74 North Harrison 46 5 75 Tipton 45 4 76 Hanover Central 43 4 77 Hammond 42 5 78 Indianapolis Cardinal Ritter 42 6 79 Northview 42 1 80 Hammond Clark 41 4 81 Beech Grove 41 5 82 Owen Valley 41 3 83 Batesville 39 2 84 South Bend St. Joseph 38 5 85 Corydon Central 38 3 86 Tri-West Hendricks 36 0 87 Fort Wayne Bishop Luers 36 3 88 Western Boone 34 2 89 Salem 34 5 90 Andrean 32 1 91 Tippecanoe Valley 29 3 92 Knox 24 2 93 Eastbrook 20 1 94 Whitko 14 0 95 Indianapolis Emmerich Manual 13 2 96 Blackford 12 1 97 Speedway 12 0 98 Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory 10 0 99 Indianapolis Northwest 10 1 100 Gary West Side 8 0 101 Mishawaka Marian 5 0
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    Taylor83 reacted to maligned in 2018 Team State Qualification Procedures & FAQ's   
    Attached below are the 2018 Team State Qualification Procedures
    Also, here are links to Frequently Asked Questions on a variety of topics about the qualification process:
    General qualification and scoring: http://indianamat.com/index.php?/topic/51527-team-state-qualification-faqs-topic-1-general-qualification-and-scoring-process/
    Team classification: http://indianamat.com/index.php?/topic/51528-team-state-qualification-faqs-topic-2-team-classification/ (this FAQ section is from last year..ignore the bold type and read down further to understand when classification will be finalized this year)
    Controlling for sectional and regional difficulty: http://indianamat.com/index.php?/topic/51529-team-state-qualification-faqs-topic-3-controlling-for-sectional-and-regional-difficulty/
    Injuries and "those scores don't seem fair!": http://indianamat.com/index.php?/topic/51530-team-state-qualification-faqs-topic-4-injuries-and-those-scores-dont-seem-fair-situations/
    IHSWCA Team State Qualification Procedures 2018.pdf
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    Taylor83 reacted to maligned in Wrestlebacks Poll   
    I even wonder sometimes if drawing them into "stars knocking off stars too early" isn't beating a dead horse. They have that in all of their other sports tournaments--which is what they insist on comparing us to.
    I think instead there's an argument to be built that we're NOT being treated like other sports. All other sports have their tournaments conducted in the way states around the country conduct them and in the way their sport's culture dictates--except ours. We're the only ones forced to fit into a box that is completely disassociated from the rest of the season structure and the sport nationally.  
    AND I think we can give examples of other individual sports that have similarities to ours that they don't realize; namely, track, swimming, and gymnastics. In those sports, at each tournament round, we have the best people all together in one space and we find the genuine best and advance them. That's how wrestling works. We never do a tennis-style single elimination tournament, from the youth ranks up through college. Instead, we get everyone in one space and spend a day figuring out the pecking order. It would be silly to get a bunch of swimmers together, randomly draw them into 4 heats, and say each heat winner gets to advance. We're all together at the same pool--let's go ahead and have some prelims and finals and pick the genuine best 4. Wrestling is the same, but they need to be invited to see it outside the "upsets happen" narrative or even the "my star lost too early in the tournament" argument....in my very humble opinion.
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    Taylor83 reacted to Darrick Snyder in Wrestlebacks Poll   
    Here’s my opinion:
    If we want wrestlebacks from the IHSAA, do NOT argue a kid gets caught or has a bad match.  They say we aren’t valuing the effort and performance of the kid had who pulled the upset.  
    Focus on the ridiculous draws that puts two placers against each other.  At Mishawaka Joey Smith beats Trace Hall of SB Riley in triple OT I believe to win the Regional.  We had lost to him like 3 times that year.  Our reward is we draw into Galka of Hobart who had been injured precious week.  Hall places at state and we lose in ticket round 3-2.  
    Even better one: Trent Reinoehl beats Young of CMA in OT to win regional.  Churchard of Valpo and Roach of Crown Point are In same regional. Our reward?  We draw roach in ticket round and lose 3-2.  Chrurchard gets first, roach 2nd and young 3rd at state while we sit in the stands.  
    If we are ever going to get wrestlebacks, it’s my opinion that these situations must be focus.  Don’t even bring up someone getting caught.  IHSAA will use that against us. 
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    Taylor83 reacted to Wrestling Scholar in Wrestlebacks Poll   
    You know its like the Geico commercial:  some people would rather spill coffee on themselves, Sit on gum or hit their heads on a beam before they would like to save money.
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    Taylor83 got a reaction from electricwrestler in Which Teams Advanced 14 to Regionals   
    Western advances 14 to the Peru Regional. 
  21. Thanks
    Taylor83 got a reaction from busstogate in Western High School Inivitational should be a great showing   
    Oak Hill, Eastern, Wabash, Marion, Eastbrook, Tipton, Southwood, Western.
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    Taylor83 got a reaction from MOWrestler in 2A Team State Qualifying: thru State   
    Each of the four schools have something to offer the duals.  It is going to be a very difficult decision.
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    Taylor83 got a reaction from backtothemat in Remarkable shortage of ####. Wheres #TheCounty at?   
    Howard County has a population of 83,000. Three schools/4 wrestlers represented this year.
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    Taylor83 reacted to Taylor83 in 2A Team State Qualifying: thru State   
    Is it still accurate to say injury data is not included? I am sure this is a rare occurrence. Thanks.
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    Taylor83 reacted to maligned in Team State Qualification FAQs: Topic #4, Injuries and "Those scores don't seem fair" situations   
    Topic #4A: Injured or ineligible
    Q: Are good wrestlers that are injured or procedurally ineligible factored in to the scoring process?
    --Yes, if a 4A, 3A, or 2A underclassman reached at least semi-state last year and misses the state tournament series this year due to injury or due to being procedurally ineligible (i.e. transfer rules), their previous year's score is factored into their team's score for this year.  The same is true in 1A for any underclassman that reached at least regional last year.
    Q: Why aren't additional injuries considered?
    --Unfortunately, injuries are a part of wrestling and the qualification process involves some luck.  It would be impossible to consider all injury situations and this is where the committee has voted to draw the line so that there is a balance between genuine competition and the predictive scoring process.
    Topic #4B: "Those scores don't seem fair" (responses to questions about perplexing scores during the qualification process)
    Q: Why does an average level team have a similar score to a top-level team after sectional or regional?
    --All that is measured after sectional is placement in the top 6 and qualification for regional.  There is no difference between a sectional 4th place guy and a sectional 1st place guy at this point.  Plus, recall that underclassmen score more than seniors.  Also, in 4A and 3A specifically, the biggest scoring doesn't happen for top teams until semi-state.  For these reasons, a lesser team with many underclassmen advancing to regional can have a score in line with top teams the first week or two of the tournament.
    Q: At what point in the individual tournament series do the qualifying scores become meaningful?
    --In 1A, scores are quite meaningful after sectional already.  There will be some further shuffling after regional, but contenders will have already put themselves in position.  Positions will then be mostly decided after regional in 1A.
    --In 2A, scores are somewhat meaningful after sectional, much more meaningful after regional, and further finalized after semi-state.
    --In 3A and 4A, scores are largely meaningless after sectional.  The list of contenders will be clearer after regional.  However, the biggest weekend in these classes is not until semi-state.  We won't really know the cream of the crop until then.  
    Q: Why does a team that we beat during the season have a higher score than my team?
    (several possible answers)
    --It may be too early in the state tournament series to fairly evaluate scores (see previous 2 questions' answers).
    --The team you beat during the season may have more underclassmen coming back and their tournament performance suggests they are expected to be better than you next year.  If a team is at a similar level to you this year and has 3 or 4 more starters returning than you, there is a high probability they will be better than you next year and the qualifying scores should reflect that.
    --THE QUALIFICATION PROCESS IS A COMPETITION. Just as during the season, you have to earn the points you get.  Upsets, injuries, underperformance, and bad draws can all have a negative impact, while a strong performance can slot you higher than people might expect.
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