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    Taylor83 reacted to Academy in 2019 IN vs IL All Star Classic Duals - 25th Annual - March 17   
    195 KJ Roudebush from Tipton has accepted!
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    Taylor83 reacted to Academy in 2019 IN vs IL All Star Classic Duals - 25th Annual - March 17   
    132 Asa Garcia from Avon has accepted!
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    Taylor83 reacted to Academy in 2019 IN vs IL All Star Classic Duals - 25th Annual - March 17   
    170 Nick South from Columbus East has accepted!
    138 Cayden Rooks from Columbus East has accepted!
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    Taylor83 reacted to Academy in 2019 IN vs IL All Star Classic Duals - 25th Annual - March 17   
    138 Braxton Alexander from Wawasee has accepted!
    132 Geremia Brooks from Wawasee has accepted!
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    Taylor83 reacted to TeamGarcia in Asa Garcia   
    Ohio St., Wisconsin, Purdue, Kent St., Edinboro, UNI, North Carolina St., Central Michigan, Maryland and others. 
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    Taylor83 reacted to backtothemat in Fantasy Wrestling State Finals   
    Great. Another contest for Caleb to win. 
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    Taylor83 reacted to rookie78 in STATE FINALS TOP 8 PREDICTIONS 106-145   
    2 of the nicest kids you will ever meet. We have competed against them since 5/6 grade and not only are they great wrestlers, but outstanding kids.  I always enjoy talking to them and wish them the best this weekend and at Indiana Tech.
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    Taylor83 reacted to Caleb Spires in STATE FINALS TOP 8 PREDICTIONS 106-145   
    Wonderful character as well. Some of the friendliest kids you’ll ever talk to, but absolute terrors on the mat.
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    Taylor83 reacted to GetTyGoudyonGorillaRadio in State Pick'ems Results *Updated*   
    Only did FW.. but I will let my results speak for themselves.

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    Taylor83 reacted to TeamGarcia in State Finals Brackets   
    126- Rioux vs. Curtis rematch of IHPO maybe Semi Finals  ? 
    The Notorious 
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    Taylor83 reacted to Wrestlingaddict101 in State Finals Brackets   
    Really wanted to see Conner vs tyce in the semis... 
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    Taylor83 reacted to ontherise219 in AJ Poindexter hard work pays off   
    Before the season I was talking with my logansport regional guru @Wrestling Scholar And we discussed how much wrestling AJ had did this summer and how he had solid results. AJ was 6th at the Lafayette jeff sectional as a sophomore and worked his butt off. Saturday he was in the finals at east Chicago that is an amazing turn around. For everyone that is not wrestling next weekend remember keep grinding and improving, hard work will pay off. Great Job AJ and keep it rolling 
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    Taylor83 reacted to gogoplata89 in Gavin Rose   
    It was broken  He had surgery that Friday before Regional and showed up to Saturday morning to cheer on his teammates. He's a great kid and we will miss him being apart of our program. 
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    Taylor83 reacted to rookie78 in Semi State Brackets   
    Friday night
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    Taylor83 got a reaction from FCFIGHTER170 in school closings..   
    Western High School, Eastern, and Northwestern are closed.  Awaiting decisions about practices.
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    Taylor83 reacted to BClark in Carmel Disciplined for Sauna Suits   
    Don't throw stones if you live in a glass house
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    Taylor83 reacted to TeamGarcia in Sectional Brackets   
    My Sources in the TheCountyTMZ South say that Cowboy is that Crazy Lunatic Pistol Pete is running rampage down there, keeping those brackets open . I hear he saying ... “touch that delete button and I’ll make you famous” then he goes into some rant of Woooo... Bang ! .... Bang ! .... Bang ! Or something. I don’t know, but that sounds about right . 
    The Notorious 
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    Taylor83 reacted to Y2CJ41 in Sectional Brackets   
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    Taylor83 reacted to trackgopher in Trackwrestling profile   
    I approve the information that is showing as accurate.
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    Taylor83 reacted to Mattyb in Undefeated Wrestlers Left   
    Asa Garcia is undefeated! 
    ...... in Indiana. 
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    Taylor83 reacted to nkraus in Undefeated Wrestlers Left   
    Charlie Newman -Garrett 16-0....................................................................
    3-0 Varsity 😏
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    Taylor83 reacted to Jim calhoun in Character counts   
    Let me first say I in no way am putting down anybody in particular or acting like I’m the role model cause I’m the furthest from perfect, but I really think coaches need to take a step back and look in the mirror and realize our wrestlers watch our lives more than they listen to our words. I’ve been blessed at Plymouth to coach with coaches that in many years have impacted hundreds of lives. I’ve never heard a foul word out of their mouth nor is any wrestler aloud to use profanity. Their goal is always create young men of integrity first and champions in life then champions on the mat. I’m amazed when I see and hear coaches and athletes cuss back and forth.....see wrestlers yell at refs.....throw things in anger and nothing is done. On a positive I’ve watched people I respect and look up to like coach Snyder get in wrestlers faces yet put his arm around them and build them up....coach Harper from little kids to high schoolers speak life into his kids yet in their face. I don’t know a man in the world that loves winning more than coach Read or a man that hates to lose more than him but you ask anyone that’s gone through his program in 30 plus years and you will hear nothing but the utmost respect because of the integrity he walks in. Coaches your integrity is the most 8mportant part of your job with the kids we have in front of us. Impact lives. As our coach always says....”Do the right thing simply because it’s the right thing to do”. Your reputation is what others think of you but your character is what people see and you really are. It’s time coaches we lead from the front! 
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    Taylor83 reacted to Y2CJ41 in Team State updates   
    Or you could have looked at the topic pinned to the top of the forum....
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    Taylor83 reacted to SWwrestling in Team State updates   
    This was Southern Wells first trip to the tournament and we had a blast. A big thank you to everyone who organizes the tournament. I think the big delay was just trying to keep the rounds together for all 3 classes. 1a duals were way ahead of 3a. Always room for improvement but I hope we earn our opportunity to compete at this tournament again! 
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    Taylor83 reacted to Topdogwrestling in Team State updates   
    Like everything in life , there is room for improvement but keep in mind that this event wouldn’t take place without the coaches and Indianamat’s staff , The  Ihsaa decided that this event wasn’t needed.... 
    Joe and his team are always in need of volunteers or if you are certified referee that would be even better...  
    We do really appreciate everyone’s hard word that put this together and put in the hard work running it.. 
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