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  1. Thanks for the answers. It seems some people have a hard time interpreting rules than others
  2. Rules question: Can a high school wrestler participate in a wrestling club or academy (i.e. CIA, Contenders, Red Cobra) during the season without participating in any outside, unsanctioned wrestling tournament or event and still be in compliance with IHSAA rules? My assumption is that high school wrestlers are barred from attending any outside wrestling events or academies period. Another coach I spoke with seemed to disagree..
  3. Here's an interesting thought;Take a March Madness-like approach Put together a selection committee through IHSAA or IHSWA similar to team state selections. It could be former coaches, officials and others that are involved in the sport but that can unbiased. Select the top 8 wrestlers in each weight class in each current Regional on the last weekend of the regular season. Selections would be made based upon records, strength of schedule, placements in conference tournaments, bad losses and signature wins, etc. Top 4 placers would move on after the Regional to Semi State and then the ol
  4. But you can't call them qualifiers unless they are inserted into the top four when a kid drops out..
  5. Here's another question...are alternates considered Regional Qualifiers? Another coach and I disagreed on the topic and I'm 99% sure they are not. Just wanted to throw that question out there..
  6. Thank you all for your great predictions..
  7. It used to be one of the weakest. It's provided at least one state qualifier the past few years
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