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  1. Seeding Carr 1st at 141 is probably the single worst error I’ve in college tournaments history. What did they do go off last year for criteria. I am a fan of southern Indiana wrestling, so I may be biased, but does anyone else not have a problem Red v McKenna being the final. Not to mention that Carr ( the guy they seeded 1st, off of some kind of weird criteria I can only assume) has not only lost to Red but will be going for 7th place. It just sucks when you already see the finals match in the semis SMH.
  2. ETA on brackets? And is it blind draw after the top 8... or will they have the top 2 get a bye and go 14v3, 13v4...etc?
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    Guys, I understand that technology has made it easier to stay home. I also realize people have to work or can’t afford to go. But, do you guys remember when we use to get angry at the fans who left during the 215-hwt finals. Yeah, our argument was they deserve the same respect as those in the other weights. Sometimes I feel we need to remember if we don’t support our sport, there won’t be one. I will be the first to admit I am guilty, so I am talking to myself as well. But guys we all know what that building is like when it is filled with fans, let’s keep making it a special event for t
  4. Is isaac Jordan the reason Paul left Wisconsin?
  5. 7th at midlands lost by one in the championship bracket. To rank 13 kid at the time( later avenged the loss in 7th place match). The second match he lost was by riding time (to a kid who missed AA status by a good blood round match). Won a couple smaller opens. But yeah, relatively quiet for a redshirt.
  6. 125-Lee-4 133-Micic-9 141-Lee-8 149-Rutherford -10 157-Kemerer-2 165-Maranelli-5 174-Hall-3 184-Nickal-6 197-Moore-1 HW-Snyder-7 Penn state- 134.5
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