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  1. 2 calls for injury time?? No, they were given for being tired/gassed out.. I didn't like it one bit.
  2. Some exciting wrestling yesterday. I do have to say though that it was ran poorly for such an event as this. The table help, although I know are volunteers were pretty bad. The refs weren't much better throughout mats 1-12. I sure hope semi state and state go smoother.
  3. So screw the whole team like he did the kid? The reason he didn't is because he knew he made a mistake
  4. Lee wins 152 and 160, Parris takes 220 and 285
  5. Without wrestlebacks, state will never have the best 16. It happens every year in every weight
  6. Prediction... all 4 at 138 from Goshen Regional advance.
  7. When will the individual state rankings be updated?
  8. No. Lol... I think your little kid must have hacked you and left this comment.
  9. I'd say or Rooks for beating a 2 time state champ, or Penola who was unranked and UNSEEDED winning it all.. Has that ever happened. 170 was loaded!!
  10. Rasler at 26-0 knocked Crary out of the ticket round last year at state. Has yet to give up a takedown or reversal for the year.
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