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Posts posted by yellowbelly12


    We've been growing this the last 3 years. We had 5 states represented last year! 




    Mt. Vernon High School


    700 Harriett St. Mt. Vernon, IN 47620


    June 23rd-24th 2016



    Eligibility – Rising/Incoming 9th grade to 12th grade wrestlers. Bringing extras is ENCOURAGED! Please NO graduated seniors. We will fill empty spots on other teams with extras. Wrestlers may only compete for one team for the duration of competition.




    Weight Classes – Use the 14 NFHS weight classes + 5 lb. allowance (Ex. 106 becomes 111)



    Cost: $275 entry fee due by June 10thto hold your spot. Make checks payable to PAWS.



    Registration - - Mail to:


    Tim Alcorn


    11800 Carol Heights Lane


    Evansville, IN 47712


    *Registration due by June 10th (a $100 late fee applied after this date)*



    Weigh-Ins (@ the High School) Thur (6/22) evening 6-7 PM or Fri morning (6/23) 8-8:30 AM



    Duals Friday June 23rd- Coaches Meeting 8:45 - Wrestling Starts at 9:00 AM


    - We will use up to 8 mats & 4 gyms depending on entries.


    - Pools format, Final number of entries will determine final day schedule. We will get you as many matches AS POSSIBLE!


    - Periods will be 2, 1:30, 1:30


    - College out of bounds rules



    Please plan to provide a table worker that will float/move with your team round to round



    * All gyms are air conditioned


    * Free Wi-Fi access


    * Tournament T-Shirts on sale


    * Concessions available (including an award winning BBQ booth, sno-cones, walking tacos, etc.)


    * Locker rooms available upon request


    * Coaches hospitality room


    * Coolers/cold food allowed



    Last year: 14 Teams from 5 states (Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Illinois, and Tennessee)



    Questions? Email me at alcorntr@mvschool.org



    Is this $275 a person or for a team ?

  2. Who do you think the MVP of the tournament would be if we had to choose. 


    Brewer at 160 looked like he was on a mission all tourney also Cornwell at 220 Looked lights out even in the finals match going up 11-1 in the first period against a very tough semi-state ticket rounder in Darrione Gregorie of Lawrence Central

  3. Mine are. no specific placements 


    106: Mattingly, Lowery, Black, Johnson

    113: Turner, Brady, Viduya, Rose

    120: Noehre, Ragle, Greene, Walendzak

    126: Slivka, Jerde, Pugsley, White

    132: Bailey, Smiley, Servies, Schaefer

    138: Davis, Melloh, Mancera,White

    145: Humbert, Graves, Rust, Welliever

    152: Warren, Klettheimer, Negangard, Kitko

    160: Warren, Berkebile, Bane, Lazzara

    170:Webster, Allred, Ruberg, Lowe

    182: Simmons, Allen, Stambaugh, Rolfes

    195: Delph, Tonte, Stewart, Tibbetts

    220: Parris, Cornwell, Mcclaine, Burton

    285: Samuels, Powell, Stone, Bailey


  4. 106:

    1st Gabe Smith

    2nd Harrison Hadley

    3rd Logan Bailey 

    4th Chris Peters



    1st Nick Brady 

    2nd Xavier Fye

    3rd Ryan Seymour 

    4th Sebastien Bryant



    1st Lukasz Walendzak

    2nd Dalton Huffman

    3rd Jace Longere

    4th Brody Pickering



    1st Jordan Silvka 

    2nd Cully Upperman

    3rd Noah Long

    4th Cordel Cowan



    1st Breyden Bailey

    2nd Ben Avey

    3rd Chris Loy

    4th Dheontae Unseld



    1st Zach Melloh

    2nd Jesus Mancera

    3rd Riley White

    4th Caleb Gibson



    1st Clayton Cowan

    2nd Darian Padgett

    3rd Elliot Rodgers

    4th Jarron Grubb



    1st Cody Klettheimer

    2nd Alex Johnson

    3rd David Kitko

    4th James Despain



    1st Dru Berkebile

    2nd JT Lazzara

    3rd Sam Hauke

    4th Dawson Miller



    1st Troy Murry 

    2nd Logan Miller

    3rd Alec Najem

    4th Clayton Todd



    1st Cameron Simmons

    2nd Ashton Mills

    3rd Jalen Morgan

    4th Cole Baker



    1st Ben Stewart

    2nd David Delph

    3rd Tremor Bynum

    4th Dezuan Brooks 



    1st Kyle Cornwell

    2nd Andy Guhl

    3rd Ryan Leslie

    4th Darrione Gregory



    1st Elijah Bailey

    2nd Marcus Stone 

    3rd Robert Samuels 

    4th Jacob Obst 

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