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  1. Brownsburg wrestlers looked a lot bigger and stronger. They must have a heck of a weight program. I've seen a couple HS weight rooms in Illinois that is as nice or nicer then colleges.
  2. Didn't get to make it but I felt like I was there. Thank you Perry for live streaming it.
  3. So let me get this straight. He transferred his kid because he had to wrestle off.
  4. With all the drama going on, what are some crazy parent stories without using names. I'll start. When i coached football I had a parent run out onto the field going nuts on his son. Nothing physical. After he was done he went out to his sons car and flattened all the tires and pulled out all the spark plug wires. I remember asking the kid if he needed anything. He said no coach ill fix all the wires and drive the car to the gas station and air up the tires. I then asked him if it was worth it, With a big smile he said yes.
  5. Yeah Littell looked small for 113. Definitely could be a State Champ at 106. At 106 he could possibly be a 4xer.
  6. Maybe not B Lee but still tough as nails.
  7. I was told they was both released. But I have not confirmed anything.
  8. Could Beech Grove be making a comeback? I was really impressed with how they wrestled. Kids seemed really motivated. Congrats to Coach Schoettle. Perry was definitely the most conditioned team there. Them kids never stopped attacking.
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