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  1. Hopefully they can prove themselves this year and get in next year.
  2. Perry Meridian I’m sure I’m missing some of the older guys. 106 Alex Cottey 2019 2nd Brayden Lowery 2017 3rd 113 Alex Cottey 2020 1st Cornelius Elliott 2014 3rd 120 Shaun Richardson 1998 2nd Sam Fair 2018 2nd 126 Jared McKinley 2011 1st Cody LeCount 2012 2nd 132 Jared McKinley 2012 1st Brandon James 2014 2nd 138 Nick Walpole 2005 1st Brandon James 2015 3rd 145 Cody LeCount 2014 1st Aiden Warren 2019 3rd 152 Kevin Clem 2006 2nd Gil Journey 1991 3rd 160 Noah Warren 2017 2nd Riley McClurg 2013 1st 170 Noah Warren 2018 1st Jake Masengale 2012 2nd 182 Jake Masengale 2013 2nd Aiden Warren 2020 3rd 195 Nate Moore 2002 1st Nate Moore 2001 1st 220 Logan Cooper 2011 2nd Zach Pierson 2001 SQ 285 Chico Adams 2008 1st Frank Hammond 1992 1st
  3. I would put any middle school JV tournament above Girls State.
  4. There is no secret. The reason Cathedral is so successful is Bryan Bailey and the Outlaws.
  5. I stand corrected. He is pretty good with the homer picks.
  6. 106 Lowery Johnson Morton Smith 113 Cottey Glithero Bullock Wilburn 120 Perry White Haggerty Thang 126 Pierson Lowery Pardue Gil-Ceja 132 Koontz Goodwin Beatty Silvia 138 Ross Dorman Johnson Page 145 Viduya McKivitz Anderson Jones 152 Coleman Freije Baker Hon 160 Noehre McClain Moore Akins 170 Dale Craig Mosconi Ortel 182 Warren Filipovich Keesee Nelson 195 McClure Clevenger Beard Carter 220 Young Hernandez Goodall Olive 285 Alexander Hubbard Jackson Broadwell
  7. With Roncalli getting vouches they can except kids from anywhere within the state. Making it an open enrollment school.
  8. Add on second offense. He would be fired.
  9. It’s true. This is the second time he got caught cheating. He was suspended for two duals. Should be on the next IHSAA minutes.
  10. They always do that. The younger brother is really immature. Usually will run on the mat clapping and yelling. Hopefully he grows out of it.
  11. Maybe Bluemonster can start doing New Castle team rankings. I’m sure Southport would be ranked top 10.
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