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  1. If college wrestling coaches are anything like NFL coaches then yes, someone will 100% take a shot on him. I agree with you there are levels of baggage. But talent = tolerance/forgiveness. Please do not misinterpret this - I do not think this is right and certain offenses should allow for due process to run its course before any team "claims/offers" an athlete - especially which, if charged, are criminal in nature. If NCAA was worth its salt they would implement such a rule. Let's not forget Gable had accusations leveled against him, he was found innocent, or at the very least he was exonerated. Imagine if he had entered the transfer portal, I bet he would have been picked up in 24 hours from any number of coaches who preach accountability. Bottomline, Ferrari can help a team win. If Ohio State or Michigan add him then maybe they make a run at a national title this year and beat out Iowa or Penn State. Imagine the back to back - Ferrari and Parris.
  2. Though I agree with others that you can make qualifications between men/women, some disagree and that is fine. The reality is this conversation is about splitting hairs on levels of greatness. However, I think the qualification can be she is the best freestyle wrestler in Indiana's history, especially if the UTB is medal. Folkstyle would be Howe (in my opinion) but there are a lot of other great ones out there - like Mendez, Tsirtsis, Lee, and many more.
  3. It's the mindset that really stands out. I think of Nick Lee, Andrew Howe, Jason Tsirtsis, Cashe Quiroga (his senior year was insane), and Zeke Seltzer who didn't run from anyone in fact probably chose their freshmen year some of the toughest weight classes to win. All have that mindset of bumping up and competing against the best competition. They definitely don't avoid it. No disrespect intended to any other greats I failed to list. I also thought Steiber was insightful as well, Mendez had a good balance of elite and average competition - which is the trajectory of most long-term elite wrestlers.
  4. Not sure how many people have seen this yet but it is really good, worth the watch.
  5. Maybe if football pressed the issue more then it could pass? I agree that within wrestling and basketball there is a ton of talent within the 300 mile rule. But having lived in other states Indiana High School football is nowhere near the level of states like Louisiana, Texas, Florida, Georgia, California, Tennessee, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Ohio. Granted I don't think any Indiana High Schools should be traveling to California for a football game these are student-athletes but typically it seems like if football presses the issue things are more likely to swing in favor of a proposal.
  6. Everyone missed the obvious match up: @FCFIGHTER170 and @GenHeavierHandz!!! Joking aside: Parris vs Carroll Nick Lee vs Brayton Lee Bradley vs Vega/Schafer Howe vs Brayton Lee/Joe Lee
  7. College athletics is costly. Coaches salaries, travel, and athletic departments. Athletes have to attend study table and that requires tutors. Often athletics has their own (largely incompetent) academic advisors, and so on. Athletics is supposed to operate as an auxiliary service - meaning it is self-sustaining and should not borrow from the endowment or the universities academic budget. Sadly, this is not always the case in practice. But for universities that operate under that assumption then if a program is non-revenue generating and revenue generating sports (i.e. Men's Football & Basketball) can't sustain the cost of the other programs then they will get the axe. I can tell you from first hand experience its probably less expensive than Lacrosse but the wealth that surrounds Lacrosse families is on average larger than that of the average wrestling family. A lot of alumni/family donations are involved in maintaining Lacrosse.
  8. I don't like the "greatest versus best" argument. It is splitting hairs for ultimately what means the same thing. I think of how people on sports TV ask is "Tom Brady the greatest ever/best ever/most accomplished or so on" the reality is you can only gauge greatest/best strictly off of accomplishments/results. That being said my vote goes to Andrew Howe - under any label you want to give him, greatest/best/most dominant and so on. To dominate at the level of Mendez, Seltzer, Howe, Humphrey, Escebedo, Tsirtsis, Bradley, Parris, Brayton and Nick Lee, and a long list of others you have to be technical, physically gifted, smart, and so on. But each of them have earned their place permanently in Indiana wrestling folklore.
  9. I agree with the rat, just the eye test, the gap between Andrew Howe and everyone else (regardless of weight) his junior and senior year was insane. But Jesse Mendez has a win over Seltzer and Chad Red has a win over Nick Lee (injured or not) still impressive - so Mendez and Red have claim to the best win on their resume. And you can argue that since Howe top tier talent has increased exponentially so on paper Mendez likely had the overall tougher competition.
  10. Agreed it’s hard to compare but I think there is an argument some of the 3x champs trump even some of the 4x champs. Howe, Bradley, and Humphrey, Parris, and Seltzer are so good. Also, I feel like Lance Ellis has to get serious consideration. Indiana should be proud. Seems to be a golden era of top tier talent. Just appreciate it. We are watching some spectacular talent.
  11. The answer to changing the IHSAA leaderships minds is quite easy… lots of $$$. The IHSAA like the NCAA has proven itself useless. The NCAA on a functional level makes more sense due to the national scale but it clearly governs poorly. I think every state should really begin to question the validity of their athletic governing bodies.
  12. In Texas girls & boys wrestling runs concurrently. Girls must compete exclusively with girls and boys with boys. When a team enters a tournament they host both girls and boys at the same tournament. At times you’ll have 64 teams represented at a single tournament 32 girls and 32 boys. Granted high schools are much larger here so space isn’t at as much of a premium. Furthermore, a majority of districts have community football fields or athletic complexes. For example, imagine the MIC built a centrally located athletic complex to host events for all of its teams.
  13. Awesome match even though the camera angle was brutal. Two amazing competitors. When was the last time (outside of Koontz) that Mendez was taken down by another Indiana wrestler? I am just guessing Zeke might be the only wrestler to have taken him down in the last 2 years. Which is insane. Vice versa might also be true.
  14. Thanks! I updated the post. I knew someone in the Evansville area had a difficult lost. I wasn’t sure if it was him.
  15. My guess is since he is transferring from EMD to Castle there wouldn't be any issues private to public or vice versa given the cost factors alone. However, going a step further 1) Hayhurst started at Castle; and 2) Coach Schaefer is genuinely about as nice as they possible come - though a fierce competitor - and wants what is best for all athletes not only on but off the mat. Coach Schaefer was an assistant at Beech Grove prior to returning to EMD, in my time knowing him there if I were ever to relocate to Indiana and pick a coach to coach my children it would be coach Schaefer.
  16. From what I have gathered observing this website it is unlikely even the NSA/Uncle Sam can track all of Pistol Pete/Team Garcia's social media and message board handles. But thank goodness for him, he makes the board far more entertaining. Could turn into a 25 page resume of handles.
  17. Based on a quick google search it seems to be an apartment but the exterior looks like it could have previously been a holiday inn express. So it cannot be ruled out entirely. (Joking before anyone gets overly sensitive).
  18. That's right, it is Greg Bradley. All of the Bradley's were great.
  19. No particular order best teams never to win a state title (looking at total history) would be New Palestine, New Castle, Roncalli, Beech Grove, and Hobart - I am 100% certain I am forgetting a few teams, my apologies. Sorry I know I am missing a few wrestlers off the top of my head but the Hobart teams with Galka, Cosgrove, Dillon, and Francisco Porras was built for a tournament format. But ran into just super solid teams from top to bottom like Mishawaka, Lawrence North, EMD, and Perry Meridian if memory serves correctly. Beech Grove in the 90's & early 2000's were an extremely tough team. But specifically the Steven Bradley led teams were tough. Solid from top to bottom and runner up to EMD one year (in the state series not team state). But in 2001/2 they had Baker, Price, Gibson, Hobbs, Harris, Ryan Williams, one of the Bradley's (Tim???) and others.
  20. What incentives does Cathedral have for joining a conference? At least when I was in high school they were independent. I assuming that is still the same. Unlike many other states Indiana lets everyone into play off tournament. Cathedral can continue to play their independent schedule in football and compete against top notch out-of-state competition and in-state competition. It would seemingly be a foolish move to join a conference regardless of who anchors it. For a team like Cathedral they shouldn't join unless forced.
  21. Beech Grove had the Bradley (3) & Harris (2) brothers each family carrying at least 1 state title and multiple state placements. The Howe brothers at Hanover Central. I feel like anytime you have Andrew Howe it warrants your name being on the list - at this point still in my opinion the best overall wrestler in Indiana history. The Humprey's of LN. Quite good as well. However, I feel like the Lee's at EMD (assuming they each wrestled a full high school career) or the Tsirtsis brothers have to be the top siblings overall.
  22. I agree wholeheartedly. Unless the IHSAA like the NCAA is forced to relinquish some of its power then nothing will change. Since that would solve two of the major issues - travel and transfer.
  23. I am not interested in a class wrestling debate nor did I mention it. Whether or not I believe classing would help or not is irrelevant. There are other issues that seem more fixable than revamping a entire system at this point and time. For example, 1) travel restrictions - allow our athletes to compete at major national tournaments; 2) coaching - unless everyone wants to pretend all coaches are created equal; 3) open districts - if a senior at Brownsburg or Perry can't make varsity why not let them go to another smaller school unprohibited which would help the other team; 4) cost - off season tournaments and club wrestling can get expensive some families can simply not afford it - develop a scholarship program to help subsidize the cost; 5) scholarship opportunities - I work in higher education at major institutions and the scholarship dollars for wrestling are not there compared to the obvious - football and basketball. Educating athletes on value of GPA, how to apply for merit based scholarships, how to choose a relevant major, and optimizing exposure is vital. However, it is just assumed the best way to increase exposure is national tournaments. I agree athletic participation is down, especially in contact sports. And wrestling above all else is the most difficult on an athlete mentally and physically. But there are solutions that don't involve the "c word".
  24. I guess those 42 teams should have just gotten better and put in more work right? That’s usually the argument made on these boards. I agree with what Y2 and others have already said it is easy to look at top tier talent and think “things are great” but it then makes it easier to ignore other shortcomings.
  25. NJ, PA, IL, and OH are universally considered to have more depth and talent - national rankings prove this. Therefore, generally speaking more talent/depth regardless of tournament format equals a more difficult tournament. My initial thought is don’t conflate the ideas of degree of difficulty with margin for error. I guess if you see a lot more DNP and 6-8 state placers start to dominate national tournaments or IHPO then your point might be stronger. Indiana is a strong wrestling state and getting better all the time. But the depth still isn’t comparable to some of its neighbors.
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