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    BreakfastClub reacted to Sig40 in Who's the best middle school wrestlers in Indiana?   
    Top 25
    Rank/ Name/ Grade/ Projected High School/ Current Weight/ Projected HS Weight/HS Current Ranking(2017/18)/2018 results

    1. Jesse Mendez--7th grade--Crown Point/Mount Carmel--107--(113-126)--MS
    (USA wrestling schoolboy 105 triple crown winner, 5X USA National Champ, Tulsa Champ, IHPO Champ, 2X Ohio TOC champ, 2X Middle School state champ, Super32-3rd, schoolboy Pan Am Greco gold medalist, undefeated at Middle School Nat duals(X2), undefeated at VAC holiday and NHSCA Duals(X2), undefeated in both styles at Schoolboy duals, ranked #39 on Flo Wrestling junior High Big Board, ranked #14 on Youth1 top 75 youth wrestlers, Schoolboy World Team member)
    2. Blake Boarman--8th grade--Mater Dei--117--(113)--#5–3rd Place
    (7-3 at VAC holiday duals, 6-1 at the Middle School duals, USA National Champ, Tulsa Champ, 1st, 2nd and 7th at Middle School State)
    3. Noah Mis--8th grade--Mount Carmel--110--(113)--IL(3A) #10–State Qualifier
    (9-1 at VAC holiday duals, 8-1 at NHSCA Duals, 8-0 at AAU Duals, 5-2 at middle school Duals, 3rd at USA Nationals, 1st, 1st, and 2nd at Middle School State)
    4. Raymond(Brock) Ellis--8th grade--Chesterton--144--(145)--#20–State Qualifier
    (7-1 at Greco Cadet Duals, 9-0 at VAC holiday duals, 7-0 at Middle School National duals, 2nd at Preseason Nationals and USA Nationals, Indy National Champ, 8th at middle school state)
    5. Evan Bates--8th grade--Chesterton--170--(170)--EC-SS-#5–Semi State Qualifier
    (8-0 in freestyle and 6-2 at Greco at Schoolboy duals, Middle School State Champ, 6-0 Christmas Duals, 5-2 at NHSCA duals, ISWA triple crown winner, 7-3 VAC Duals, 6-1 at Middle School National duals, Winter Nat. Champ, 5th Preseason Nationals)
    6.  Zeke Seltzer--7th grade--Cathedral--107--(113-126)--MS
    (3rd place in Freestyle Nationals, 9-0 at the NHSCA duals, Central Regional Champ, 7-1 schoolboy duals freestyle, 5-2 Middle school duals, 2X runner up at Middle school state, ISWA State Champ
    7. Cole Ross--8th grade--Mater Dei--115--(106)--#6–State Qualifier
    (9-1 at VAC holiday duals, 6-0 at Middle School National duals, Tulsa nationals 6th place, 1st and 3rd at Middle School state)
    8. Gavinn Alstott--8th grade--Floyd Central--105--(106)--#10–State Quslifier
    (8-0 at AAU middle school duals, 8-1 at NHSCA duals, 7-0 at Middle School National duals, 6-1 at Heartland Duals, 3rd at TOC, Middle School State placed 2nd, 2nd, and 5th)
    9. Kysen Montgomery--8th grade--Brownsburg--114--(106)--#4–5th Place
    (6-2 in freestyle at Schoolboy Duals, NUWAY national champ, Runner Up USA Nationals, runner up at TOC, Indy National champ, 7-1 at Heartland Duals, multi freestyle titles, 2nd and 5th at middle school state)
    10. Scott Fitts--8th grade--Mater Dei--135--(145)--#18–state qualifier 
    (Dixie National Champ, 9-1 at VAC holiday duals, 8-1 at the NHSCA duals, 8-0 at heartland Duals, 6th at Tulsa nationals, Preseason nationals 7th, 1st and 7th at Middle School state)
    11. Alex Cottey--8th grade--Perry Meridian--97--(106)--#5–2nd Place
    (8-2 at Disney Duals, 9-0 at the NHSCA duals, 7-0 Cadet Greco Duals, 8-0 Cadet Freestyle Duals, 5-2 Middle School Duals, 4th at TOC, Middle School State 2nd and 6th place, Multi ISWA triple Crown winner)
    12. Brady Mckivtz--8th grade--Avon--126--(120)--NR—didn’t wrestle 
    (Runner Up and 4th at USA Nationals, Indy National Champ, 1st, 7th, and 8th at middle school state, ISWA triple crown winner)
    13. Tyler Conley--8th grade--Avon--112--(113)--#11–State Qualifier
    (7-3 VAC holiday Dual, multi ISWA state champ, 3rd at NHSCA, Middle School State 3rd, 4th, and 7th)
    14. Jaden Reynolds--8th grade--Avon--130--(132)--#20–semi state qualifier 
    (Dixie Champ, Best of the Midwest Champ, 2016 Triple Crown Winner, Runner up at Middle School State)
    15. Ben Dalton--8th grade--Monrovia--95--(106)--#8–Semi State Qualifier 
    (7-3 VAC, multi ISWA triple crown winner, 2X Middle School state Champ)
    16. Tyler Turley--8th grade--Hobart--150--(145)--#13–Semi State Qualifier
    (9-1 at VAC, 8-0 at Heartland Duals, 3X USA National All American, Indy Nationals champ, 2nd, 3rd and 5th at Middle School state, multi ISWA state champ)
    17. Cheaney Schoeff--6th grade--Plainfield--85--(106)--MS
    (Middle School State Champ, 6-0 at Christmas Duals, 9-0 at VAC duals, 7-2 at the NHSCA duals, NUWAY Nationals Champ, 6-1 at Middle School National duals, 6-1 at Heartland Duals, multi time ISWA triple crown winner, 3rd and 5th at USA Nationals)
    18. Aiden Warren--8th grade--Perry Meridian--143--(152)--#19–State Qualifier 
    (8-1 at the NHSCA duals, 5th and 8th at middle school state, multiple ISWA state titles, 3rd at Preseason Nationals)
    19. Preston Teusch--8th grade--Huntington--90--(106)--#19–Semi State Qualifier
    (2X Middle School State Champ, 5-2 at Middle School Nat Duals, Dominate the Dells Champ, NUWAY national champ, Indy National Champ)
    20. Alec Freeman--8th grade--Mater Dei--89--(106)--NR—Behind Cole Ross
    (9-1 at VAC holiday duals, 5-2 at Middle school duals, 7-1 at Heartland Duals, multi ISWA state titles, 2nd, 3rd, and 7th at Middle School state)
    21. Robert Bowman--8th grade--Mount Carmel--156--(160)--NR in IL
    (Central Regional freestyle champ, 1st and 4th at USA National, Indy Nat champ, 7-1 at Heartland Duals, 8th at middle school state, ISWA triple crown winner)
    22. Johnny Parker--8th grade--Cathedral--143--(138-152)--NR—JV
    (6-1 at Middle School National Duals, USA National Champ, 3X ISWA triple crown winner, 2X Indy Nat Champ, Runner Up at Middle School State)
    23. Cameron Allen--8th grade--Plainfield--100--(106)--#15–Semi State Qualifier
    (Runner up at Flo Kickoff, 3X NUWAY national champ, Indy Nationals champ, ISWA triple crown winner, 2nd, 2nd, and 3rd at Middle School State)
    24. David Pierson--8th grade--Warren Central--98--(106)--#17–4th Place
    (7-1 in freestyle and 8-1 in Greco at Schoolboy National Duals, 5-2 at AAU duals, multi time ISWA state champ)
    25. Stephen Roberson Jr--8th grade--Portage--96--(106)--NR—behind Moran
    (6-1 at Middle School Nat Duals, 2X NUWAY Nat champ, 2X USA National All American, multi ISWA state champ, 1st, 3rd, and 4th at Middle School state)

    Updated on 12/15/2017

    Honorable Mention: (Munoz, Bryer Hall--(126, #16–6th Place), Ty Lehman, Koontz, Erb, Sanderfur, Muncie, Baumann, Duncan, Goodwin, Nelson, Wagner, Timmerman, Heath--(120, #19–State Qualifier), Ross--(113, #7–Semi state Qualifier), and Ison.
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    BreakfastClub got a reaction from awood2 in Article: #Wrestling Wednesday: Faulkens opens up about wrestling   
    I'm curious how long it will take for the singlet to fall by the wayside altogether.
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    BreakfastClub reacted to The Guru in Purdue vs Iowa thoughts   
    It got ugly but the future is looking pretty good. A lot of guys melted, which I always hate to see, but it's early. I'll remain optimistic for now. 
    Streck is a savage and he's ranked higher as a RS frosh than Kral has ever been. Hope he hangs around as a workout partner. 

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