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  1. Really both Stock brothers from Monrovia. Amazing to see what those kids have become an are doing this state tournament.
  2. DLP vs Mulkey The entirety of the 106 weight class will be interesting.
  3. 106: Campbell 113: Garcia 120: Mills 126: Mulkey 132: Reitz 138: Black 145: Lee 152: Lee 160: Laughlin 170: Stock 182: Walton 195: Davison 220: Parris 285: Ripple
  4. Rooks over Mills 4-3 Rooks over Mulkey 3-2
  5. Brownsburg 8 Campbell Mills Mulkey Lee Cicciarelli Walton McCormick Clark
  6. You are also talking to a "little midget man" who was a state placer in high school and competed for one of the best division 2 schools at the time. No reason to attack someone on a computer.
  7. Nothing i have said is to discredit any avon kids, everything i post is completely my opinion on things and should not be taken so deeply. Avon is obviously a great program and will continue to be from their strong feeder system, I am just voicing my opinion on an opinion-based messageboard, and if anything here offends you or anyone around you please don't take it so seriously.
  8. Biddle beat Clark 1-0 Larson beat Peterson 5-2
  9. I agree with this topic since originally i saw nobody competing with Turner, however Littel has proved himself to be the best in the weight class and i believe Viduya is right there behind him. I would take Turned and Viduya both over Garcia as well.
  10. 170: NR Thomas Penola (Zionsville) over #16 Anthony Cicciareli (Brownsburg) at 170 2-1 170: NR Thomas Penola over #13 Jonah Hays (Center Grove) 6-5 160: NR Matthew Wertz (Zionsville) over #3 Gleason Mappes (Center Grove) #3: 6-4 SV-1 195: #14 Andrew Williamson (Zionsville) over #12 Isaac McCormick (Brownsburg): 3-2
  11. What are some big results that have happened throughout the day?
  12. Totally agree with this post. He is an outright stud. I believe Turner is the best in this weight class however. He has the size and the experience over Garcia and Littell even though those two are fantastic wrestlers.
  13. 120: IMO Slivka will be one of the top wrestlers here, seeing him beat Turner last year really showed what he was made of.
  14. Please read the post once again. I said the dual i examined was based off of the first couple of results of each team's season and there may be changes. This was completely my opinion and was attempting to just give my personal feelings on what the dual result would be.
  15. Apologies, Miranda would get a win at 132 but no bonus points. Wouldn't change the result much
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