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  1. Just Spotted the MORAN BROTHERS in the Coliseum! All of the Portage coaching staff is being type lipped on if they are getting on the scale..........
  2. Now that was fun! The crowd was awesome. DJ was pretty cool. Great Job by the Coach Snyder and the Brownsburg staff, that the way you make wrestling fun and keep,the sport ALIVE!
  3. OKAY Y2CJ41 why would you allow me to post so late in the night? You know that never goes well?? Made the trip, were are down here! First of all, how BIG is this damm school? What I was trying to ask ontherise219 is; Are they any good places to eat up here?
  4. Definitely going to be a great tournament.mimwill be making the trip down to say high to watch some good wrestling! Wants yo eat up there?
  5. I've watched Austin play soccer and wrestle a lot throughout the years. I am pretty sure you will see him on the podium at Bankers Life this year.
  6. Definitely a crying shame if they are not eligible (shame on CP). My son wrestled on a National Team with one of the Morans not sure which one (are they twins?). These boys are National caliber wrestlers that have wrestled across the country but the State of Indiana is trying not to let them wrestle?? I know a G O O D attorney and may have to try and get in touch with the family. If the Region is not showing the family any love, I also know a great Private school in the Indy area that will welcome them with open arms..............
  7. Now that's what I'm talking about a D.J. YES! Lets bring some excitement to the SPORT OF WRESTLING! Hopefully more schools can do what Chesterton is doing. I know that Brownsburg and Avon make their DUAL fun for the fans also. Chesterton has a solid line-up, still don't think its enough to get them past Portage, MORANS or not.
  8. Trey Lane at 120 would be icing on the cake. Avon still has a SOLID LINEUP & and will make NOISE for the next several years!
  9. I hear that 4-5 VARSITY wrestlers from last years team decided not to wrestle for the CROWN POINT wrestling team this year? Curious to see what that line-up looks like this year. ............what is going on overther? Is it TOPSECRET????
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