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  1. Noblesville West looking to add another tourney to our schedule. Individual or team. We will have a very strong team next year.
  2. I was talking to my brother about this. Can you imagine the live practices? I would love to watch a practice.
  3. 8 returning state qualifiers, 5 of which were in the finals. Add Hawkins. Which weight will he go?
  4. 90% of the FF were at the very bottom or very top. Weights added would mostly be between 100 and 195 which would be easier to fill.
  5. I had something similar my junior year for semi state. They put about a half inch foam piece over all the metal spots then prewrap and tap. Bulky as he'll but they let me wrestle
  6. Had great wrestling last weekend for wrestling. 1st- Alexandria 2nd- Roncali 3rd - Noblesville West 4th Zionsville middle Looking for at least 1 more team for next year.
  7. As a middle school coach I loved the idea of middle school qualifiers. Wish it was cheaper though.
  8. There should be 4 qualifiers with 4 guys making it through like semi state
  9. Most people want to spend their time outside in the spring. Numbers will be the greatest in the winter because your only competing with basketball and swimming.
  10. https://www.trackwrestling.com/Login.jsp?TIM=1639091385425&twSessionId=pmkduwfhzt&tournamentIndex=2&state=17
  11. I have heard about this past couple of years, saw it was on track this morning. Is this definitely happening?
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