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  1. Is there a way to see how many kids are in what weight already?
  2. Transferred to crown point I believe.
  3. Didn’t wrestle his senior year. Would have won two titles instead of 1.
  4. +6 means they are the underdog. You mean -6
  5. Noblesville West Middle school is looking for a tournament/Super dual Febuary 1st. Not looking to leave north Indy area. As of right now we have 20/22 weight classes filled. (Missing 70 and HWT) as well as about 20 JV kids.
  6. I coach middle school so I doubt I gotta worry about that
  7. Where is the best/cheapest place to buy headgear in bulk?
  8. This room had the same set up when I was a freshman back in 06. Tons of room.
  9. Indiana has a very good system in place. Class team state and keep individuals together. Only thing I’d change is make state at the end of the year like it was.
  10. DC wins 68-59 70- Plainfield pin 0-6 75- Plainfield pin 0-12 80 DC decision 3-12 85- DC pin 9-12 90- Plainfield pin 9-18 95 Plainfield Pin 9-24 100 -Plainfield Pin 9-30 106- Plainfield tech 9-35 113- Plainfield pin 9-41 120 Plainfield FF 9-47 126- DC pin 15-47 132- Plainfield Pin 15-53 138- DC pin 21-53 145- DC pin 27-53 152 DC tech 32-53 160 DC pin 38-53 170 Plainfield FF 38-59 182 DC Pin 44-59 195 - DC FF 50-59 220 DC FF 56-59 245- DC Pin 62-59 HWT- DC FF 68-59
  11. Decatur Central-225.5 Paul Hadley-220.0 Plainfield- 197.0 Columbus Central-184.5 Avon South-171.0 Monrovia-154.0 Beech Grove-148.0 SouthPort-145.0 Danville -143.0 Maconaquah- 129.0 Greensburg-113.0 Brown County-90.0
  12. I was talking more in college right now. If your trying to make the best team for the NCAAs, who would they be? How would the team place?
  13. Two questions: If you made a college lineup out of all Indiana guys, who would it be? How good would they be?
  14. Anyone else think wrestling would be more popular if folk style was used internationally instead of freestyle and Greco? I wrestled folk style my whole life. Never did free style or Greco because I was in other sports. I have watched many of the biggest international matches on YouTube and it's hard for me to follow. Let alone someone who doesn't know wrestling.
  15. Any info on who picked the most the most correct state champs? Anyone pick Eli stock?
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