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  1. This event will have to be cancelled this year. Hope everyone is staying safe.
  2. 2020 Daleville Summer Tournament Tournament Information: This tournament is for any wrestler entering 7th through 12th grade. The goal is for this to be an affordable experience that allows kids to compete. High school weight classes will be used plus a 5 pound allowance. Teams are encouraged to bring extras as we will wrestle exhibition until the conclusion of each round. Each team will wrestle five times. Admission will be $5 for any non coach. When: June 6, 2020 / Start time is 9:00 am / Doors open at 7:45 Weigh in: Satellite weigh ins will be used. Please e-mail weigh in sheets to dbaysinger@daleville.k12.in.us by Friday, June 5, 2020 at 6:00pm. Where: Daleville High School 8400 S. Bronco Drive Daleville, IN Cost: $175 per team (Checks made to Daleville Bronco Wrestling Club) Please mail entry fee by 5/31/2020 to: Dalton Baysinger 727 W. Oak St. Union City, IN 47390 If interested please email Coach Baysinger (dbaysinger@daleville.k12.in.us) to guarantee your spot. We will only accept the first 5 teams.
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    Daleville vs. Avon

  4. Evansville Memorial
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    Daleville vs. Tri

  6. Daleville
  7. 12/12/2019 06:30 PM
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    Norwood Invite

    12/06/2019 06:00 PM
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