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    IHSAA High School Women's Wrestling

    Well considering that this is my last year of highschool and being a female wrestler I think it would be an amazing and honorable thing to have happen for girls to be able to have there own highschool state! There's so many girls who work there hardest now days and have a hard time showing it in highschool season because it's veryyyy difficult. There aren't many girls out there in highschool but if there was a separate state I think more girls would come out and show what they can do. Wrestling is what makes me feel proud! I know there's multiple people I have inspired by being a female wrestler and through out the years there were many things that almost made me quit especially once I hit highschool! I enjoy wrestling guys because it pushes me to the extremes, but I still think it would be great to have a separate State series for females! That way girls have a better chance of getting a shot into great colleges and being able to show how great they really are! Most of all that they can do anything boys can do regardless of how hard it may be! LETS GET GIRLS HIGHSCHOOL STATE!!!!!:)

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