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  1. Attach is the flyer for the Decatur Central Beginners Tournament on 12/2/18. Registration is on FloArena. Click the following link to register https://events.flowrestling.org/event/12ca9edd-7fd2-a483-c626-52d71b812879/registration Contact Coach Schlueter at DCHawksWrestling@gmail.com for more information. DC 2018.2019Tournament-flyer.pdf
  2. Due to unseen events the Decatur Central Beginners Tournament on 12/2 has been postponed. We will post the new date asap.
  3. Decatur Central HS is looking for a varsity tournament (individual or dual) on one of the following dates, 12/8/18, 12/22/18 or 1/19/19. Email Coach Schlueter at aschlueter@decaturproud.org with openings.
  4. Correction, Tournament is 1/10/19 not 1/9/19.
  5. Decatur Central (Indianapolis) is going to host a JV InviteTournament on January 9th, 2019 and we have a couple opening for the tournament. We will use a bracket format, that guarantees 3 matches for each wrestler (if bracket is full). We will have a tournament champion at each weight. T-shirt will be provided to each weight class champion. Please contact Coach Schlueter (ASchlueter@msddecatur.k12.in.us) for more information.
  6. Please contact Coach Schlueter at ASchlueter@decaturproud.org. Thank You
  7. Decatur Central (Indianapolis) is going to host a JV Wrestling Tournament on November 14 and we have 3 opening for the tournament. Our goal of this tournament is to get wrestlers mat time. We will pair wrestlers by weight class in groups of 4 and do a Round Robin format. Please contact Coach Schlueter (ASchlueter@msddecatur.k12.in.us) for more information.
  8. Decatur Central is looking for JV and Freshman tournaments/duals around the Indy area. We have a lot of open dates and are very flexible. Please contact Coach Schlueter (ASchlueter@decaturproud.org) or DM us on Indianamat if you have an opening in your tournament or would like to do a JV dual with us. Thank you Coach Schlueter 
  9. Decatur Middle School is looking for a part-time Assistant Wrestling Coach. The Assistant Coach will work closely with the Head Coach and the rest of the coaching staff to determine goals and the direction of the wrestling program. They will also assist in recruitment, retention, academic help when needed, practice planning, team travel, and fundraising. Applicant must have wrestling knowledge and have the ability to communicate new skills to youth athletes. Prior coaching experience is preferred but not required. If you are interested in the position, please fill out an application on Decaturproud.org. Interviews will be scheduled and conducted by the Athletic Director and coaching staff. Contact Coach Kyle Murphy (DCMS Head Coach) at KMurphy@decaturproud.org or Coach Aaron Schlueter (DCHS Head Coach) at ASchlueter@decaturproud.org for more information or if you have any questions. Heres a link to the opening on our school website. https://www.applitrack.com/centralindiana/onlineapp/jobpostings/view.asp?choosedistrict=true&district=1466&category=Athletics%2FActivities
  10. Please take a moment of your time to vote for Decatur Central Wrestling and Western Wrestling on Twitter!!! Both programs are currently competing in the Addix Giveback contest!!! Decatur Central is competing in the Military/First Responder Tribute and Western in competing in the Open Category. Vote for Decatur Central Wrestling Here Vote for Western Wrestling Here More information about the contest can be found at https://www.addixgear.com/giveback
  11. Decatur Central Wrestling Club is looking for two wrestlers (7th-11th grade) weighing 165, or 178, that would like to wrestle in a Folkstyle dual tournament this Sunday at Jimtown HS. Cost $25 per wrestler. Please contact Coach Schlueter at Aschlueter@msddecatur.k12.in.us if you have/know a wrestler who is interested.
  12. More teaching position available!!! Please click on the following link to view available positions , https://www.applitrack.com/centralindiana/onlineapp/jobpostings/view.asp?choosedistrict=true&district=1466
  13. Decatur Central Middle School is currently looking for a Head Wrestling Coach. We are looking for a candidate that has good wrestling knowledge/experience, with a desire to inspire and work to grow our Middle School Wrestling Program. The candidate will also work with our club and help grow the Decatur Central Wrestling program. Decatur Central HS/MS is located in Indianapolis, IN and is right off IN-465 Exit 8 on Kentucky Ave. The Decatur Central Wrestling Program is a growing wrestling program with a very bright future. We have a good group of wrestlers that are willing to put in the hard work needed to be successful and achieve their goals. Decatur Central has very supportive administrators. Holding a teaching position in the Decatur Central school system is preferred, but is not a requirement. We have multiple teaching openings available at the Middle School and High School. For more information about our teaching openings, please click on the following link, https://www.applitrack.com/centralindiana/onlineapp/jobpostings/view.asp?choosedistrict=true&district=1466 If you are interested in becoming a part of Decatur Central's growing wrestling program or would like more information, contact Decatur Central High School’s Head Wrestling Coach, Aaron Schlueter (ASchlueter@msddecatur.k12.in.us, 765-404-2002) or Decatur Central Middle School Athletic Director Mark Evans, MCEvans@msddecatur.k12.in.us
  14. Decatur Central HS is looking for a dual for next season, 2018-2019. Preferred a date in December or Early January. Email me aschlueter@msddecatur.k12.in.us
  15. DCHawks

    Major Off Season Events Left

    DC Elite (Decatur Central) will be attending Disney Duals this summer.
  16. Current Opening at MSD Decatur Middle School 8th Grade Mathematics Teacher x 2 Special Education Teacher High School English Teacher x 4 Chinese Teacher Mathematics Teacher Science (Biology) Teacher Elementary School Kindergarten Teacher 1st Grade Teacher 3rd Grade Teacher 4th Grade Teacher 5th Grade Teacher ESL Teacher Music Teacher
  17. DCHawks

    Decatur Central looking for a dual 2018-2019

    DCHS have a full varsity schedule for 2018-2019. We are looking for JV and freshman dual and tournament now.
  18. Decatur Central HS is looking for a dual for next season, 2018-2019. Preferred a date in December or Early January. Email me aschlueter@msddecatur.k12.in.us
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