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  1. I’m guessing either Wes Del or Beast Mode would be the closest to your location.
  2. Visit www.indianagirlswrestling.com for the best collection of resources for hoosier female wrestling
  3. Go to www.indianagirlswrestling.com/rtc for more information. More sites to follow!
  4. Calling all Indiana Girls! The River City Pre-Season Folkstyle Open on 21 October 2017 will feature a separate women's division (as long as numbers permit). RCWC will also allow girls to wrestle in the men's division for the same entry price if there are insufficient numbers to get 3-5 matches on the day in just the women's division. In short, we want to provide opportunities for Indiana girls to get some mat time and competition experience. Pre-registration is open on trackwrestling.com. RiverCityPreSeasonFolkstyleOpen2017-18.pdf
  5. An update: The Duals tournament will feature 8 teams, two of which are filled by girls from Indiana. That 120-150 girls just for the Duals. The next-day Open numbers are still rolling in.
  6. The best way is to start with girls who already are interested in wrestling. I trained one locally for a couple of years by herself. Then two. Now eight. They are going to be your best advertisement locally. Your next likely candidates will be siblings of other wrestlers. Then the schools. But it will be an uphill battle the farther out you get from that core interest group. Most parents and kids don't understand wrestling generally, club wrestling especially, and then add the female element to that mix and its a battle to get your message out. Perseverance and dedication is my best advice.
  7. April 18: Tonight's clinician will be Purdue University's Luke Welch.
  8. River City Wrestling Club Harrison High School Door 7 (or 8 if open), 5701 N. 50 West, West Lafayette, Indiana 47906. West Lafayette, Indiana TUESDAY 7-9 PM We will post clinicians in this thread. For more information, check the website or text Chad Fauber at 765 714 9983. Tuesday, 14 March 2017: Scheduled RTC Clinician: Scott Hinkel
  9. River City Wrestling RTC: Tuesday's, 7-9 pm @ Harrison High School, West Lafayette (Door 7-8) Chad Fauber - text 765 714 9983
  10. Purdue wrestler Luke Schroeder will be the guest clinican at River City Wrestling Club's RTC this Tuesday (4/26). RCWC meets at Harrison High School (door 7 or 8) in West Lafayette at 6 pm.
  11. Danny Sabatello will be the guest clinican at River City Wrestling Club's RTC tonight (4/19). RCWC meets at Harrison High School in West Lafayette at 6 pm.
  12. River City Wrestling Club (West Lafayette) will feature Purdue standout and NCAA Tournament Qualifier Alex Griffin as its guest clinician for its RTC on Tuesday, 12 April 2016, from 6:00-7:30 pm. For directions or more information: www.rivercitywrestlinclub.com Chad Fauber
  13. Nick, RTC participation is free to all ISWA members schoolboy/girl and older. Chad Fauber
  14. River City Wrestling Club (West Lafayette, IN) is hosting an RTC every Tuesday from 6:00-7:30 PM. This event meets in the Harrision High School (WL) wrestling facilities (enter doors 7 or 8). It was omitted in the original post above. This week's (05 April 2016) clinician will be Scott Hinkel.
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