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    Women's/Girl's wrestling in Indiana

    The 2016 Women's ISWA State Finals was a great tournament and it's always good to have Jim's Wrestling Supply on hand. Sarah Hildebrandt was a real bonus this year. The following are things which may warrant consideration for next years flyer: If the Special Guest will provide a clinic and the time of the clinic. List the date and time for the Women's State Finals along with weigh in information, as with the other Divisions. List the Women's National Championships along with the registration requirements/restrictions, as with the Boys Division. This year Oklahoma City, OK, 3/24/2016-3/27/2016. Have the Women's Division on Track Wrestling along with the results, as the other Divisions were. Overall, provide the same considerations for the Women's Division as with the other Divisions. State Finals is State Finals for every competitor, in every weight class, in every Division, on both days.

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