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  1. The school that takes on the responsibility of organizing the event should be honored by having their name in the title. New Haven gets help from all over the place, but in the end they're the ones moving mats, setting up scores tables, putting scales in the weigh-in rooms, and tearing things down when it's over. Who cares if the host school changes here and there, give credit where credit is due!
  2. Not the case this time. Cutting a kid directly from his back has always been penalized for as long as I can remember, and there usually isn't a warning. The match was early in the second period or so and the wrestler had scored 10 takedowns. The ref decided that 10 was enough and didn't want to see any more I guess.
  3. This past Saturday at the New Haven Bill Kerbel Invitational, a local senior wrestler was well on his way to a 30-15 tech fall victory when the ref suddenly stopped the match and gave said wrestler (and coach) a warning that another takedown and escape would warrant a penalty point against them for unsportsmanlike conduct. The wrestler responded by taking his opponent down and turning him for the pin. While I understand that they may be trying to save some face for the other kid, I'm just curious as to whether there are rules in place that the ref was enforcing, or did he take it upon himsel
  4. Proabably felt like he had a better chance of winning it with a guy by the name of Parris at 220.
  5. There has to be someone that can post a link with video of the match for the people that dont pay for track. Please!
  6. Awesome match. Loved every minute of it. Congrats to both wrestlers. As for the "best of all time" argument that people are making for red I say this, I never witnessed a match where Alex tsirsis or angel Escobedo coasted to "feel out" their opponent. And I for sure never witnessed either of them getting taken down, let alone dumped to their back. But maybe it's better this way for the spectators. Man what a match. Pick neutral Lee! Awesome match. Loved every minute of it. Congrats to both wrestlers. As for the "best of all time" argument that people are making for red I say this,
  7. While we're here to participate, as wrestling fans we all love to spectate the big matches as well. We aren't allowed to stand in the designated "in-the-hole" area unless we are in fact in the hole. I get it, but how about maybe reserving the adjacent section of seats to the warm up area for wrestlers and coaches that are close enough to being in the hole, that they don't want to make a trip all the way to an upper level to see what's going on? We want to see the action too!
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