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  1. I think you're mistaking us questioning the 2 first place votes with hate. No doubt Bane is a fine young man, but there are many other fine young men that also had more successful wrestling careers. Besides, you'd have to have been living in a cave for the last 15 years to not be aware of breast cancer at this point, haha. Since when did any contrary opinion become perceived as "hate"?
  2. Are wrestling scholarships typical at schools like Ohio State? Wrestling takes a backseat to football, basketball....heck even baseball...and then you've got the lady's sports also. I'm guessing a wrestling scholarship at a major school is a very faint possibility and Mason's going to end up at the best school to offer him a full-ride for football.
  3. Right? Not only did Laughlin win the title at 160, but he had a better career than Bane to boot.
  4. Caught that after I clicked "Post"...editted
  5. I almost feel like the fact that Nick only wrestled 3 seasons somewhat disqualifies him....though a 145 Finals matchup with Brayton Lee this year would have been, and I hate this word, epic.
  6. I'd have been really sad to not see Mason Parris wrestle the best of the best at State. With under 600 students, I can't imagine Lawrenceburg would have been in the "Large School" class.
  7. When I was a kid, participating in a "Class" organized sport never entered the equation. I played 3 years of varsity baseball (Class) and 4 years of wrestling (single class) and never gave it a single thought because I wanted to participate in those sports. I didn't play football in high school because I didn't enjoy it.
  8. Depends on the engineering discipline. Mechanical or Civil...shouldn't be too much of a problem. Electrical or Genetic? Forget it.
  9. I guess I'll just stop participating in these boards if the least bit of "criticism" is met with this kind of reaction. I get it...this place is an echo chamber that has, like, 20 active members who have a hive mind in reaction to any perceived "threats". Mods, go ahead and delete my account.
  10. No disrespect to any of the other guys, but Parris is my choice. He moves unreasonably quickly for a 220lb wrestler; he wrestlers like a 145er. He had, what, 4 takedowns in the first minute against Maddox? I don't know what he weighs in at, but he could have gone up or down a weight class and won the title, in my opinion.
  11. I did say "wrestlers", making it plural, and it was right after the Mulkey loss in which it was posted. Nothing against the kids, it's mostly backlash against this #TheCounty nonsense. If you're rooting for one kid to win, ipso facto you're rooting for the other kid to lose. Frankly, I'm not terribly concerned about the feelings of the "dance moms" on these boards.
  12. Please, show me where I attacked a HS kid or his coach...I don't even know who his coach is? If you think making a simple observation is an act of trolling, you might want to stay off the internet lest you encounter actual trolling. Wow, some sensitive Sallies over there on the west side...
  13. My vote goes to Parris. There's a lot of speculation that Joe Lee will pull a Nick and graduate early next year. Best way to settle the Lee / Parris argument is for them to wrestle for the Mr. Gorilla title
  14. I don't have any kids; I wrestled as a kid and am just a fan of the sport. Not everyone is going to enjoy your kid's style. If you're can't differentiate an observation from an insult, you might be better off avoiding topics of conversation in which you're emotionally vested.
  15. Yeah, that's probably a more apt comparison. They're both seem to finish even when it looks like their attempt is stuffed, too.
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