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    Brown boys reacted to Gasman in Ticket Round ?   
    “The only thing you deserve is what you earn” 
    Thomas Brands 
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    Brown boys reacted to SWINfan in Ticket Round ?   
    1prouddad, had it right, mostly.  The Egli's generally coming up on the short end is off a bit.  The Egli's have never sent an Avon kid packing or beaten an Avon kid at all, at Semi-State.  But I'm thinking you knew that already...
    In 2014 & 2015 - Will Egli did not face an Avon wrestler at Semi-State or State
    in 2016 Clay did not face an Avon wrestler and lost in the ticket round
    In 2017 Some kid named Garcia beat Kane in the semifinal
    In 2018 Rioux and Garcia beat Kane and Clay in the ticket round
    in 2019 Garcia beat Clay in the Semifinal; Kane finished 3rd and did not face an Avon wrestler
    I can't speak for past generations, but the current group of Eglis does not fit your narrative.  
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    Brown boys reacted to navy80 in Blaze Garcia   
    I don't think anyone would expect him to beat Rioux! Look for little Garcia to come back strong next year.
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    Brown boys got a reaction from The Zebra in Semi state brackets   
    Release the brackets!!!

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    Brown boys got a reaction from Coach Nieman in Semi state brackets   
    Release the brackets!!!

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    Brown boys reacted to rmonroe294 in Evansville Semi-State   
    We shouldn't have to wait reg is over
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    Brown boys reacted to Midstate0413 in Evansville Semi-State   
    i agree.  no reason why they can't release them
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    Brown boys reacted to Midstate0413 in Evansville Semi-State   
    I don't think it will be Ruhlman and Sollars again.  it could very well be Deters and Ruhlman is the same.    Just assuming you wouldn't have Bloomington champ.amd Evansville 2nd place finisher in same bracker for three years in a row.
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    Brown boys reacted to chinwhipper in Evansville Semi-State   
    If both champs then you don’t need the formula.  They will be in different brackets
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    Brown boys reacted to Alduflux in Regional Brackets   
    I'm wondering why true seconds are needed if you seed the wrestlers.  Is it obscene that the NCAA's and Olympics don't have a true second?
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    Brown boys reacted to aoberlin in Tough sectional brackets   
    The real question is, what lucky wrestler gets the 3rd placer first round of Regionals?
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    Brown boys reacted to navy80 in The Mendez effect   
    I don’t remember this match that detailed. It very well could have been. 
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    Brown boys reacted to FCFIGHTER170 in The Mendez effect   
    Coughlin beat him in FS as well.. but If I remember right most of English points were escapes.. i'm not sure if he took him down.. English ws an animal though and 1 of the most underrated guys cuz of the legends during that era..
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    Brown boys reacted to Coach Wadkins in Team Results: 31st Chris Traicoff Memorial Invitational @ Calumet HS   
    2019 Chris Traicoff Memorial Wrestling Invitational
    at Calumet High School (Saturday, December 14, 2019)
    Round 1: Championship Round
    Cathedral-75, Lake Station-6
    SB Riley-45, Valparaiso-27
    Floyd Central-73, Guerin Catholic-6
    Westfield-66, Culver Academy-16
    Mishawaka-75, Calumet-6
    Portage-59, Southmont-18
    Lawrence North-54, Lowell-30
    Franklin-77, Munster-6
    Round 2: Championship Round
    Cathedral-45, SB Riley-17
    Westfield-60, Floyd Central-18
    Portage-45, Mishawaka-36
    Franklin-55, Lawrence North-20
    Round 2: Consolation Round
    Valparaiso-70, Lake Station-12
    Guerin Catholic-46, Culver Academy-26
    Southmont-42, Calumet-29
    Lowell-52, Munster-28
    Round 3: Round-Robin
    (1st-4th Place Pool)
    Cathedral-52, Westfield-13
    Franklin-37, Portage-32
    (5th-8th Place Pool)
    Floyd Central-39, SB Riley-31
    Mishawaka-56, Lawrence North-19
    (9th-12th Place Pool)
    Valparaiso-57, Guerin Catholic-14
    Southmont-42, Lowell-36
    (13th-16th Place Pool)
    Lake Station-36, Culver Academy-24
    Calumet-36, Munster-27
    Round 4: Round-Robin
    (1st-4th Place Pool)
    Cathedral-63, Portage-13
    Franklin-38, Westfield-27
    (5th-8th Place Pool)
    Mishawaka-54, SB Riley-20
    Lawrence North-46, Floyd Central-39
    (9th-12th Place Pool)
    Southmont-42, Valparaiso-32
    Lowell-42, Guerin Catholic-37
    (13th-16th Place Pool)
    Calumet-36, Lake Station-33
    Munster-42, Culver Academy-36
    Round 5: Round-Robin
    (1st-4th Place Pool)
    Cathedral-53, Franklin-18
    Portage-42, Westfield-30
    (5th-8th Place Pool)
    Lawrence North-42, SB Riley-37
    Mishawaka-54, Floyd Central-24
    (9th-12th Place Pool)
    Valparaiso-44, Lowell-33
    Southmont-66, Guerin Catholic-12
    (13th-16th Place Pool)
    Lake Station-39, Munster-36
    Calumet-42, Culver Academy-24
    1.) Cathedral (5-0)
    2.) Franklin (4-1)
    3.) Portage (3-2)
    4.) Westfield (2-3)
    5.) Mishawaka (4-1)
    6.) Lawrence North (3-2)
    7.) Floyd Central (2-3)
    8.) SB Riley (1-4)
    9.) Southmont (4-1)
    10.) Valparaiso (3-2)
    11.) Lowell (2-3)
    12.) Guerin Catholic (1-4)
    13.) Calumet (3-2)  
    14.) Lake Station (2-3)
    15.) Munster (1-4)
    16.) Culver Academy (0-5)


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    Brown boys reacted to NW Indiana Wrestling Fan in Crown Point Defeats nationally ranked Dekalb   
    Dual started at 182, Dekalb started off winning first 4 with 3 pins and 1 dec (Dekalb was leading 21-0). After that Sammy Goin then pinned #16 kid in the country. Logan Frazier followed with a pin. Dekalb decided to forfeit to Riley Bettich following that (21-18). Stephen Roberson then won by decision over #7 ranked kid at 126 in IL, tying the dual. Jesse Mendez then won 21-7, followed my a cody Goodwin pin. Orlando Cruz decisioned his ranked opponent (34-21). Seth Willems gave up a major making the score 34-25. Noah Hollendonner then wrestled a fargo champ and lost 4-2 (34-28). The dual ended with nick Taborski giving up a decision resulting in a final score of 34-31, dogs win. 
    Dogs also beat Last year nationally ranked Oak Park by a point.
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    Brown boys reacted to Caleb Spires in Early dark horse   
    Lmao your kid is such a loser. He only won state *once* on his way to a D1 scholarship. Talk about a pathetic wrestler:
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    Brown boys reacted to Coach Wadkins in 2019 Chris Traicoff Memorial Wrestling Invitational Draw   
    C.) CTM Pairings.rtf.dot
    #1) Cathedral(#2) vs. Lake Station
    #8) South Bend Riley vs. Valparaiso
    #5) Floyd Central vs. Guerin Catholic
    #4) Westfield(#15) vs. Culver Academy
    #3) Mishawaka(#12) vs. Calumet
    #6) Portage vs. Southmont
    #7) Lawrence North vs. Lowell
    #2) Franklin(#16) vs. Munster
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    Brown boys reacted to Coach Wadkins in 2019 Chris Traicoff Memorial Wrestling Invitational Draw   
    Here is a map of the field.

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    Brown boys reacted to PURDUEdad in CP vs Chesterton   
    CP wins 39-34
    160: Noah Hollendonner (CP) over Nick Winland (CHES) (Fall 2:51) 170: Gavin Layman (CHES) over Nick Taborski (CP) (Fall 3:49) 182: Shea Jackson (CHES) over Aaron Ayala (CP) (Fall 4:00) 195: Gage DeMarco (CHES) over Matt McElroy (CP) (Dec 6-1) 220: Evan Bates (CHES) over Jake Woods (CP) (Fall 1:05) 285: Jacob Denham (CHES) over Jack Ruess (CP) (Dec 5-2) 106: Sam Goin (CP) over (CHES) (For.) 113: Logan Frazier (CP) over Doug Waters (CHES) (Fall 4:22) 120: Riley Bettich (CP) over Luke Stento (CHES) (Fall 0:44) 126: Stephen Roberson Jr. (CP) over Aidan Torres (CHES) (SV-1 11-6) 132: Jesse Mendez (CP) over Ethan Contreras (CHES) (Fall 3:22) 138: Cody Goodwin (CP) over Ethan Kaiser (CHES) (Fall 1:18) 145: Brock Ellis (CHES) over Orlando Cruz (CP) (MD 10-2) 152: Cade Johnson (CHES) over Seth Willems (CP) (Fall 1:46)
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    Brown boys reacted to piscis1956 in CP vs Chesterton   
    So, for the most part, CP in the light weights and Chesterton in the heavier weights.
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    Brown boys reacted to JORVILLE in CP vs Chesterton   
    What a great match up 7-7 and separated only by bonus points. Match of the evening looked  to be Roberson and Torres two Studs who battled it out. 
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    Brown boys reacted to regionrat1 in Interesting Result   
    One of da region wraslin alumni nocked of a big time Iowa wrestler. Rump from  Portage beat Gavin Teasdale at tournament yesterday 6-3. Nice win for a Rat !
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    Brown boys reacted to Y2CJ41 in Westfield 8   
    Not sure what Westfield event you are referencing, but we have MANY team schedules on the team pages.
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    Brown boys reacted to Minor in Westfield 8   
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    Brown boys reacted to julia2009 in Westfield 8   
    On December 7th?  Last year it was Fishers, Roncali, Carmel, Westfield, Zionsville, Yorktown.  I forgot the other two.
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