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  1. Still disappointing to see consos at the IHSAA state finals being 1:2:2. We are being robbed of quality wrestling.
  2. IronPenguin

    Impact wrestlers for 2018

    I think Alex Cottey of Perry Meridian could make some noise if he put on a little bit of weight
  3. IronPenguin

    Alec White...

    No doubt him and Eli Stock are the ones you look back and think "I did not think he would be on top of the podium". Great job by both wrestlers!
  4. IronPenguin

    Lee , Lee, Parris

    I think last year's class of Red, Rypel, and Streck remains superior to the current trio of soon-to-be seniors.
  5. IronPenguin

    Most "Electric" wrestlers

    Tonte's headlocks and Walton's chinwhips are both pretty electric to me.
  6. IronPenguin

    Who is on fire?

    Tyce Freije of Roncalli really impressed me at New Castle this past weekend. To pin that whole field at 120 (which included a number of state ranked wrestlers) really shows that this freshman is legit. With that said, I do think Noehre wins the next one if they meet in a future match up.
  7. IronPenguin

    Most Impressive/Improved

    I think DeLaPeña has improved tremendously since last season. He looks more impressive every time I see him and he gets my vote.
  8. IronPenguin

    over/under state champs from each semi-state

    Way over on New Castle with Parris, Tonte and Stewart, all of the 106lbers, Webster, Bane, Bailey, Melloh, Jessop, Elijah Bailey and Robert Samuels, Slivka, Viduya, and even Noah Warren. I think any of these guys have realistic shots at winning a title. I'm not saying all these guys will even come close to winning it, but I'm almost positive it will be more than 2. Also, 5 seems a little high for East Chicago.
  9. IronPenguin

    Indiana Mat brackets?

    Last years are posted on the sticky at the top of the forum. It appears they will be coming later this week.
  10. IronPenguin

    Cummings /white death draw

    This is truley an awful draw, but it may not even be the worst one this year! Friday night has some crazy matches, my vote being for #1 Curtis vs #3 Mattingly. 106 is so wide open this year!
  11. IronPenguin

    My State Thoughts

    Again, I did not mean to offend anyone or criticize the original poster. I appreciate the time and effort that he put into writing out his personal thoughts, and I largely agree with the majority of his views. However, I thought I would take the opportunity to shoutout a hometown kid that has been underrated for the majority of the year. Forgive me for having a differing opinion!
  12. IronPenguin

    My State Thoughts

    I was using the term "seed" as a synonym for semi state placement. I wasn't trying to knock your thoughts or the talent of Dull, just wanted to say that 182 will be one hell of a dogfight!
  13. IronPenguin

    My State Thoughts

    I realize that but I just assumed you would be more likely to mention a #1 seed than a #3 seed.
  14. IronPenguin

    My State Thoughts

    I think you are overlooking Jessop of HSE @182. Dull will have to get through him before he even gets a chance of beating Gray, let alone getting a shot at Walton.
  15. IronPenguin

    Upsets / Big Matches

    Shoulda... Woulda... Coulda...

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