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  1. Indiana vs Kentucky dual under the lights our champs blank them. Up and down the line all 8 of ours vs all 8 of theirs I'll give them 3 matches. Champs vs champs they are going home empty handed I wrestled with several KY champs in college 3-4 yrs ago and they weren't on the same level as the 4th 5th place Indiana guys
  2. I have been coaching for a few years now and been wrestling several more and I have yet to find a coach who won't try and persuade a ref to make a call whether the call is actually there or just trying to tie up the match or win. I know for a fact I do this probably 3-4 times a match I actually got a ref to call stalling on a kid who had a power half trying to turn us this year. But you may just be an upset parent or whatever but don't come at coaches and put the integrity and morality of great coaches on the line because you're upset.
  3. Strickly for upsets my man. Might not happen but a man can hope.
  4. 106- Campbell, Rioux, Sego, Overton 113- Garcia, Petro, Lawhead, Adkins 120-Mosconi, Mills, Denny, Weddle 126-Mulkey, Pruett, Pitzulo, Galvin 132-Miranda, Campbell, Kreitzer, Burdon 138-Conley, Bigelow, Anderson, Grubb 145-Lee, Coyle, Mosconi, Reese 152-Clark, Willham, Thomas, Myers 160-Stock, Mappes, Brewer, Adkins 170-Stock, Hayes, VanHorn, Runyan 182-Walton, Moore, Smith, Hubner 195-Hammond, Goforth, Shaffer, Seri 220-Scroggs, Larson, Lee, McCormick 285-Henson, Heinrichs, Biddle, Clark In order.
  5. 160 preferably Whitaker for the most expensive shaved ice?? 160 preferably Whitaker for the most expensive shaved ice??
  6. I was an unranked underdog wrestling the number 4 kid in the state first round and number 11 in the ticket round my sophmore year and made it out so I agree coach I'm a HUGE fan of underdogs. Goodluck to wrestlers especially mine.
  7. NO PARTICULAR ORDER at the top of my picks....
  8. NO PARTICULAR ORDER Team race will be tight Brownsburg is TOUGH and well Mater Dei is Mater Dei 106: Rooks, Egli, Mills, Casebolt... Excited for Garcia and Rooks Garcia is tough same with Denny and Egli 113: Annikan, Weaver, Mosconi, Pruett..... Stull and Mosconi should be good Mosconi is just a beast and the bottom four of this bracket will be fun anyone can come out of it I got Pruett. 120: Hunt, Rooks, Mulkey, Luigs.... Cut and dry. 126: Hudkins, Pritchett, Dilbeck, Gomez.....Dilbeck and Mosconi could go either way. Look for Blubaugh to give Gomez a decent match.
  9. Us coaches at mooresville didn't receive any draws at the conclusion of the tournament.
  10. I agree and 145 will have some fun ticket round matches... Unfortunately there are some pretty dang good kids going home in those matches.
  11. Woukd it be "bold" of me to say all 170's from Mooresville make it to state? Clearly the top 4 at Evansville SS
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