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  1. Do you actually have to wrestle to qualify? Or could one just register and then forfeit twice?
  2. coys past failures (in weight management and bone strength) have obviously motivated him and I believe he probably has more heart and drive than Lee.
  3. He wrestled nick lee last year. This is Brayton lee. I probably should have been more clear.
  4. It seems many people are looking over this possible match up this weekend. I understand its no Red vs Lee, but they are two extraordinary wrestlers. Coy with his greco background and out standing season so far and Lee with national placements and ranking. i think that this match between two studs could be right up there with the 132 final (or semi final)
  5. Hate to see AJ put out so early. He is a great wrestler and person. He will inevitably do big things in high school and I'm sure he will always wrestle in honor of Levi.
  6. Goodwin could definitely catch House in that roll. He'll cause a scramble for sure
  7. 220 is probably the weakest. 106 and 120 are in good competition for toughest.
  8. Brown has been up and down all season, and if Rutter catches him in a down match it might not be pretty.
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