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  1. Principal at the HS is Rob Hadley maybe contact him he wrestled in college and coached multiple state champs when he was coaching at Whiteland.
  2. Not sure you read my post... if wrestler A drops to a knee and wrestler B is well trained he will also drop to a knee making scoring nearly impossible... If wrestler A drops to a knee and wrestler B stands there like a throwing dummy he will be taken down. Maybe just call a stalemate when both wrestlers are on their knees not touching one another. You cannot blast double someone who is on their knees and has learned any hint of head and hands defense.
  3. Not sure you know "my" style of wrestling but as a coach I see kids wrestling on their knees every single weekend. As a decent coach I teach wrestlers to stay lower than their opponents so when a kid on an opposing team drops to a knee our kids drop to a knee taking away absolutely all offensive possibilities from an open tie. If someone drops to a knee and their opponent is still standing they deserve to give up their legs and get taken down. Two 126 kids wrestling on their knees is as boring as two 285 kids standing straight up pushing on each other in neutral.
  4. Any particular reason this isn't a thing? I've heard some states do it. In a discussion on here about classed wrestling...It came up on another thread that wrestlers from small schools "at least" have an opportunity to wrestle at sectionals whereas you have kids on teams like penn portage perry warren emd avon brownsburg etc who probably have a few state caliber kids on JV. Why not run a big tournament the weekend before sectionals for JV guys... A lot of teams in the state have that weekend off and it would be something to cap off the JV season. Its not something that the IHSAA would necessarily have to sanction, could be an invite ran by a school. A quick trackwrestling search shows that Kentucky, Colorado, and Florida have such events and they are very well attended. It may not be a "prestigious" honor to be a JV state champion but its something to work toward if a kid cant crack the varsity lineup.
  5. Worst things happening in Indiana wrestling right now are A) Refs scared to call early stalling calls... The typical IN ref only calls stalling in the 3rd period usually in the last few seconds of the match when it absolutely does not matter. Stalling is called much different in other states. B Wrestling on a knee/both knees from open tie... Indiana's newest wrestling fad as soon as you drop to a knee you should be instantly hit with stalling.
  6. Every year there seems to be a few alternates that get to wrestle at State due to injury or sickness. Are there any in as of now? How often if ever does an alternate place?
  7. I picked all but 5 of the semi state qualifiers.. Just noticed no bullock on the final results. I missed 1 at 132, 160, 182, 195, and HWT pretty solid
  8. 106: Mills, Garcia, Denny, Casebolt.. Garcia beat the guy handily that rooks lost to, should be great ticket round match. 113: Annakin, Mosconi, Weaver, Horty 120: Rooks, Lugis, Hunt, Mulkey 126: Hudkins, Dilbek, Gomez, Pritchett 132: Lee, Elpers, Molloy, Sellmer 138: Lee, Ramsey, McCoy, Wathen.. Anyone picking against Lee here is crazy he is a monster 145: Lee, bethel, Wilson, Burke 152: Dunn,Lehman, Herrin, Aydelott 160: Whitaker, Vanhorn, Mundy, Mappes 170: Walton, Fuller, Owens, Hayes, 182: Dalton, Dalmer, McKinley, Dial 195:Wilderman, Redmond, Lee, Robinson 220: Larson, Scroggs, Choate, Mcubbins 285: Klem, Galligar, York, Henson
  9. 106: Rooks Beasley Antunez Rose 113: Schoenegge Craig Hallseen Wells 120: Rooks, Peetz, Stein Pengegar 126: Frankin Combest South Butz 132: Sellmer Bullock Pollitt Ferraro 138: Dowell, Johnson, Wathen, Foster 145: Crowl, Davidson, Beineke, Day 152: Herrin, Hauser, Klienhenz, Wilkerson 160: Chandler, Smith, Chapman, Stikes 170: Fuller, Coy, Mosley, Diewert 182: Sonner, Dial, Smith, Goode, 195: Redmond, Philpot, Bicknell, Craig 220: Long Sorg Barger Cain 285: Galligar, Sutton, Griffin, Robinson
  10. 106:Garcia, Mills, Denny, Overton 113: Weaver, Mosconi, Pruett, Chatterton 120: Mulkey, Fisher, Siddiqui, Burdon 126: Hudkins, Gomez, Mosconi, Pritchett 132: Molloy, Conley, Roth, Allen 138: Lee, Reese, Williams, Trietsch 145: Coyle, Wilkerson, King, Cullen 152: Dunn, Clark, Dean, Adkins 160: Whitaker, Vanhorn, Mappes, Stock 170: Walton, Hayes, Runyan, Moore 182: Dalmer, Goforth, Frank, Montgomery 195: Mccormick, Lee, Cruse, Kammerer 220: Larson, Mccubbins, Scroggs, Heinrichs 285: York, Henson, Caudle, Pankow Avon sectional dominates champions Mooresville Sectional puts a few more through Best matches Mills v Garcia, Mosconi v Weaver, Hudkins v Gomez, Vanhorn v Whitaker, York v Henson
  11. Not sure about the front headlock call, looks like it was something the officials were alerted too before the match, right when he locked it up the officials looked at each other and stopped it. Anyways in the semis it appears as though vanhorn was taken down by mappes with 2 seconds left but ref blew the whistle a little too early. One ref in particular was clearly struggling all day long.
  12. 106: Denny, Overton, Reams, Petro 113: Mosconi, Brooks, Cox, Pruett 120: Fisher, Siddiqui, Burdon, Denien 126: Gomez, Mosconi, Clark, Skirvin 132: ? up for grabs 138: Reese, Williams, Summers, Trietsch, 145: Coyle, Wilkerson, Ebeyer, Tran 152: Dunn, Dean, Stock, Copeland 160: Vanhorn, Whitaker, Mappes, Stock (Vanhorn and Whitaker may battle it out and alternate wins at Sectionals, Regionals, and Semi State) 170: Hays, Runyon, Moore, Boles 182: Reams, Cravens, Mappes, Goforth 195: Lee, Kammerer, Ballard, Byrd (No Hammond? he had some matches this year coming back from injury) 220: Scroggs, Heinrichs, McCubbins, Curtis 285: York, McCubbins, Lewis, Smith (No Biddle? Injury?) CG wins the team race and advances 11 or so
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