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  1. RT @Symbaa__: Women don’t cut their hair and eat ice cream when they’re sad anymore. They pierce their nipples, buy a new wardrobe, get tat…

  2. RT @FloWrestling: UFC champion Daniel Cormier has been named the head coach at Gilroy High School.

  3. RT @MMAFighting: I know y'all are out there. Who's brave enough to pick the #UFC223 upset? Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Al Iaquinta... call your…

  4. RT @FloCombat: I believe we're up to around No. 5 or 6 bullshit at this point. #UFC223

  5. RT @knhw19: yellow is such a beautiful color

  6. @jaemiddletonn https://t.co/yaCWDeu9M1

  7. RT @superduperaron: An attractive person: “im so ugly :/“ Me, an actual ugly person: https://t.co/0tLBSXQlTM

  8. @ufc I'm 160lbs I fight at 135 and I had a dream that I tapped out @demianmaia lmao @danawhite DANA!! Give me the fucking boy!!

  9. RT @ThaBodegaBandit: I hate bein an ugly nigga surrounded by fine bitches https://t.co/kpzSnTVgQw

  10. @sourfl0wer @briaaaaaana24 Ikr ??

  11. RT @FloWrestling: Lefty! https://t.co/dz9KCNg1NR

  12. RT @BIackJohn: Imagine finally building up the courage to take a ***potty mouth*** at school and a group of hoodlums break in to your stall fighting and…

  13. I haven't even updated and mine fuckin up too smh https://t.co/dlJCQneTCJ

  14. My life in a tweet ??? https://t.co/OHzskSzO35

  15. @ufc is this serious?? ? https://t.co/wyrEZzxmlF


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