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  1. raider140

    Regional Format

    Bloomington South uses 4 mats for the quarters and semis. Then does consoles on 2 mats and finals on 1.
  2. raider140

    Who is sending the most ?

    Southridge is sending 13.
  3. raider140

    Southridge vs. Jasper

  4. raider140

    Mooresville Holiday Classic

    Brad Springer is 152 and Tucker Schank is 160 for Southridge.
  5. raider140

    Big Ten Tournament Contest

    125-Lee (3) 133-Micic (8) 141-Lee (2) 149-Retherford (9) 157-Nolf (7) 165-Martinez (6) 174-Hall (4) 184-Nickal (5) 197-Moore (1) HWT-Snyder (10) Penn St- 135 points
  6. raider140

    Team Scoring at IHSAA State

    I will take the over on only 3 or 4 scorers for Brownsburg. I guess you have Mills and Campbell not scoring any points??
  7. raider140

    How about those wrestlebacks?

    Everyone feels strongly and has opinions on this....I get it. Can we not focus on what is happening? This is the greatest week in our sport coming up. Draws are coming out in a few hours. Can we not focus on the kids that are wrestling this weekend? Personally I would rather talk about potential matchups, can’t miss matches, predictions of who wins it all. There will be plenty of time for this topic after the season is over.
  8. raider140

    How about those wrestlebacks?

    I may be wrong here but with wrestle backs don’t you run into the possibility of wrestling the same kid twice in the same day?? If those two kids split matches, did you really find out who the better wrestler is that should advance?? This comes up often at sectionals. If wrestle backs are there to get the best 4 through, you are still going to have instances where we still don’t know. What about weight classes like 126 this year where it is loaded?? You have about 6 guys that have traded losses all year long and two are going to be left out. I bet you don’t get the same four two weeks in a row even with wrestlebacks. To me that is the beauty of our sport. It is whoever is best that day. No system is going to be perfect.
  9. Thanks for the update Maligned. Just out of curiosity....what is usually the point total required to make it as one of the top 10 qualifiers in years past??
  10. raider140

    Most Freshman / Underclass to SS??

    Southridge is sending 5 to semi state....4 are underclassmen.
  11. Regional only 3 days always and no talk of this Regional yet?!?! Predictions??
  12. raider140

    Team State

    Never mind...I found it on the other thread.
  13. raider140

    Southridge Sectional

    Brad Springer 152 from Southridge had a great day!! Beat Foster from Floyd in the Semis and then followed it up with a win over undefeated Foster from North Knox.
  14. raider140

    Team State

    What is the rule regarding injured wrestlers again??
  15. raider140

    Best and Worst Sectionals

    Ok I have to hear more on this statement. How do you see this breaking down? What weights do you see each sectional winning if they faced in a dual??

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