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  1. Good idea. The Saturday marathons won't last forever. Go to a MYWAY tourney and u get 5 matches in 2 hours and are back home to let the cows out. This is a good idea and will work. Don't know why we are so opposed to doing it in Indiana when other states like Illinois and Michigan have been for years. Reminds me of the j@ckasses who refuse to modernize folkstyle rules not cause they can be better but cause they'd be to close freestyle.
  2. A great suggestion. An it would take all of 10 seconds for iswa. Been saying this for years as have others.
  3. If I pay $175 then eat enough lead paint chips to hallucinate we are in a dual versus Prince and the Revolution, is that a qualifier?
  4. Team 1 my boys. Team 2 box of Captain Crunch. Team 3 our cow. If I send my boys out to the barn and ask them to milk the cow and they have the cereal box with them and when they grab the cow's udder she gets upset and kicks the cereal over and boys have to wrestle her back to the corral and we pay $175 is that a qualifying triple dual?
  5. If I send in $175 and at tomorrow's practice have the boys compete in a triple dual against members of the track team and the undertones singers, are the boys then qualified?
  6. If my girlfriend and I wrestle in the back seat while at a drive in and pay the $175 fee, are we qualified for state?
  7. I've got an old black speedo I can shimmy into. If I paint my tongue green and pretend to be George the Animal Steel and wrestle against my boys in our basement while paying $175, does that make it a qualifier? Asking for a friend.
  8. I've got a mat in the basement. If I pay the $175 fee, can my sons wrestle the neighbor's dogs and have it be a qualifier?
  9. Let me tell you, there are also many people disgusted they drove 3 hours to get an iswa qualifier in who do care a lot!!! I'm sorry but at this point it doesn't have to do with getting better. If it was just about getting better, then iswa would have made these fanstasy duals public on the web. If it was about getting better, we would just allow any person to wrestle at state. If it was just about getting better, iswa wouldn't have turned down waiver requests in the last few weeks from injured guys or guys who wrestled for Indiana at national Folkstyle events. I think that pretty thoroughly e
  10. I just started texting some friends. Sounds like there's a whole bunch of these practices this week in Indy being called iswa dual qualifiers. And iswa has approved them off the grid. Wtf?!?!
  11. Iswa doing this is bull cr@p. Really?!?! We now have hidden events not on the iswa official schedule that count? And this really unfair to rural schools. Indy or South Bend or Evansville can toss together a triple dual quick because there are lots of nearby schools. Try being a small rural club where the closest freestyle club is an hour away. What p!sses the most is there's ALREADY tons of tourneys in Indy and then they throw this on top of it of make believe tourneys. Just disgusting. People already are driving three hours and giving up great tourneys to comply with this rule and then hidden
  12. Ihsaa Moratorium dates for this summer look like • 2016: July 4 – July 10. Does this mean iswa Fargo prepatory camp will start after July 10?
  13. Speaking of Molinaro, will someone who is a friend of Frank's please ask him to return Gary Oldman's haircut from the Fifth Element back to 1997
  14. Shout out to the Penn crew running the iswa duals at Notre Dame today. Probably the neatest and best run tournament been to in awhile. You really missed something special if you weren't there today. 5 duals in a little over 4 hours. Great competition. Incredible facility. (although cold because it is a hockey rink). Chicago team that won it was incredible. This could be the equivalent of the Illinois Club Cup for Indiana in the future. Harper continues to innovate and build something that is raising up everyone.
  15. Here's a crazy idea mr. Hull. If you publish this list of RTCs on IndianaMat, then keep it updated. Don't change the date and times of the RTC at a later time on the iswa web site and never bother looping back to IndianaMat to provide the wrestling coaches with new info. We wasted 2 and half hours driving back and forth to an RTC recently that had been moved but you never updated for us. Total waste. Changing RTCs without notice should do wonders for our freestyle tournament attendance. Oh wait.
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