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  1. I am the parent of a 1st time State Qualifier. I will assume, based on the above comments, that they don't even have seating for parents of wrestlers?
  2. Thank you so much for the link and Garrett has worked very hard for where he is at right now. Thank you for the accolades.
  3. If someone was taking "professional" shots, I would be interested in not only seeing them, but purchasing some.
  4. Yes Curtis of Whiteland over Peterson of Brownsburg 8 to 5. Heavyweights.
  5. Can't wait to see this regionals heavyweights. I saw on another thread that, "it's too bad that two kids who would most likely make it to State will be done on Saturday" This weigjt class is a meatgrinder in Mooresville.
  6. I believe Ryan Hammond 220 from Whiteland is still undefeated.
  7. During Practices... Push ups Forever Begin
  8. 285 Garrett Curtis (Whiteland) 3-0 Dec. over Jack Biddle (Plainfield)
  9. 285 Garrett Curtis (Whiteland) Dec. over Devin Wehr (Perry Meridian) 1-0
  10. Thank you wwatson! I appreciate it.
  11. How do yo get the magazine? Can you order it from this website? Can you get both a digital and hard copy?
  12. Don't forget about Garrett Curtis at HWT from Whiteland. He pinned Hillenburg at the ISWA State Folkstyle this year where he placed 6th. He was 31-7 last year as a junior and a regional qualifier.
  13. Garrett Curtis will be going HWT again this year.
  14. Anyone want to take a crack at the Evansville SS rankings?
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