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  1. Well you're wrong, I've participated in them myself. It's really not germane to the discussion, but your fixation over incidental details, while befuddling, is also amusing. Sorry your attempt at a "gotcha" moment fell flat, puddin' head.
  2. Luck isn't requisite in successfully using a search function. Keep trying.
  3. But weren't ~10k of those of those views Chad and his dad? Add "polls" to the search query. I think voting is closed now though.
  4. Turn off the message board and see what happens.
  5. I think you'd find some sympathetic ears (keyboards). http://lmgtfy.com/?q=NIC+all+conference+%2B+gridiron+digest
  6. That's just wildly inaccurate. Discussion and debate drive those thread/post numbers. There is a weekly scores thread pinned at the top every week, but the vast majority of threads and underlying posts go well beyond just who won. This is kind of a silly debate to have because I don't think anyone is under the impression wrestling is more popular than football at the high school level. The disparity stands to reason, but another interesting comparison to gauge activity/participation would be to look at post counts and years active since account registration. The GID has hundreds of u
  7. I can ask. Topics don't mean much. A lot of the topics on here are weekly camp "advertisements" or have 1-2, a small handful of responses. They're not real discussions. There are topics on the GID that go on for hundreds of pages and last a year before new ones are started for the sake of loading speeds.
  8. I feel like your debating the valuation of your company compared to the GID. I don't care about the appliances or granite counters in your house, I care about the land it's built on and what makes it valuable; location. You're commenting on perceived quality of discussion, "content", activity as a sign of growth... growth is merely a quantifiable number... unique visitors/hits, registered/active users, and the resulting strain put on their servers. The fact remains football draws superior views/numbers. Having been on these sites for twenty years now all of the content, discussions,
  9. But that's kind of what I'm getting at, I'm not THAT interested that I would seek it out. I'm a Penn fan more than a wrestling fan, but hearing about your site is an opportunity to engage casual fans of sports/HS athletics and turn them into devoted followers. I also think you underestimate your impact. I can keep my yard in order, but my wife makes it look like something off the cover of Home & Garden. You add a lot of shine to your site via content, but if you took away the forum, I'd bet your numbers would drop dramatically. The GID kept growing even without the content driven by TA.
  10. Well, let's just hope you don't die! Good luck with the site.
  11. Frankly based on your inability to use the quote function properly when both sites use the same platform, I'm not surprised you fail to find the things I've mentioned. You also simply don't know what you're taking about on other aspects of involvement/ownership with your revisionist history. And I gave you the most obvious reason why, traffic = growth. I don't see the IM crashing servers, if you think your followers are somehow superior, all 35 of them, again have that argument with a mirror. This site has been around for x number of years and I just heard about it this year (via the
  12. One man's ads are another man's annoyance. Logistical benefit. This is why McDonald's and Home Depot build their stores near other stores, high traffic areas, and not in isolated areas that are difficult to find. No idea, does it matter? I assure you no one is quitting their day job, these sites are labors of love.
  13. Thousands? Lol ok. Polls and rankings are not the same thing. In our conference threads for instance we poll for MVP/POY, all conference teams, etc. Then there are user driven rankings of teams, classes from fans throughout the state. The GID provides a platform. Before its founder passed, it also ran similar content in terms of articles and interviews, in addition to the Indiana Football Digest print magazine, and the Griddy awards in Indianapolis (now under RRSN ownership, but still thriving). If your argument is one is better, it's irrelevant. The question posed was do they,
  14. I'll chalk this up to traffic envy. The GID doesn't beg and you're not likely to be on Shark Tank anytime soon, so let's get a grip. The GID chose to not run ads for the benefit and at the request of membership. Their costs are much more prohibitive than IM's based on traffic. I really don't see the big deal in asking for donations or running ads, there both minimally invasive on the user experience. To the original point, both sites, IN high school sports in general, would certainly stand to benefit if there were a central hub drawing and sharing users. That's all. Keep up the go
  15. These are all things they link through the forum threads/posts, which tells me how 1) how popular they really are, or 2) where the vast majority of user's bookmarks/favorites link to (thus bypassing said content). There's more similarities than you realize, the difference is in how content is presented. The GID is user driven, plenty of polls, rankings, etc. The IM is owner/moderator driven, they create much of the unofficial "official" content.
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