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  1. 12/21/2022 12:00 AM
  2. Nick Spitler Invite and Rossville duals are on our schedule twice. The two that need deleted are on the bottom after semistate.
  3. North White is looking for a dual. Possible dates include: December 20 or 22nd. January 3rd or 17th. Would like to keep it relatively close if possible. (within 1 hour driving distance) We are looking for a home dual for this season. Contact: Denny Siburcrist Head Wrestling Coach dsiburcrist@nwhite.k12.in.us
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    Rossville Duals

    11/19/2022 09:00 AM
  5. 01/06/2023 09:00 AM
  6. I coached in a state that allowed 8th graders to compete in high school. They were only allowed to be on the high school team if they were varsity. This worked great for the elite wrestlers who would otherwise not be using their time in the most efficient way continuing to wrestle middle school. It also greatly helped with the lower weights.
  7. Obviously, having several class tournaments is a bad idea. (more than 2) There is no need for more than two in any state in my opinion. Having just two classes keeps it very competitive. In the other states, there is no issue with multiple champs at the end of the year. Typically, everybody already knows who the best is.(or think they know) There are statewide rankings and matchups throughout the year. There is no reason for any kind of wrestling after the finals to see who the best is between the classes. Indiana's tournament is awesome either way. Just like the way it runs now. There are guys that don't get through based on brackets and which semi-state they are at. Everyone still knows who the best guys are.
  8. Coming from coaching a 6A school from a multi- class state to a 1A school here in Indiana, I’ve seen the major differences from a coaching perspective as well as seeing the athletes’ perspective firsthand. There are pros and cons to having a multi class state series. And there are pros and cons to having a single class state series. Participating in the 1A/2A state tournament brought back some memories from the past. A lot of small school athletes lose motivation past sectionals. Keeping small schools and small school athletes motivated throughout the whole series can only be a positive. The top kids in each weight in the 1A/2A tournament were very good. You add more kids the next few years and this tournament will be on fire for the teams, coaches, athletes, and families. There was a buzz about it for sure. Get the scheduling and qualifying tweaked…everything is golden. It was a great experience. After all, kids can only do frosh/soph for two years.
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