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  1. Good afternoon, I am reaching out in every way I can to get two of our dual tournaments up and running well. One is upcoming in June (WRestling at the WRock) and the other (Veteran's Memorial Invitational) saw great success in December 2014. We will have teams from NV, UT, CA, NM as well as the greater Phoenix area schools but still need and want more to come out. I've been combing through OK, TX and CO websites as well. We are on the Navajo Nation in AZ, just across the stateline from Gallup, NM and thirty miles off of I-40. Take a look and see what we have to offer and please pass on. We also have a Facebook page, Scouts Wrestling. Thanks. You can also reach me at hillismarcw@gmail.com or (480)694-3114 and I can send you the flyers. Thanks. Coach Marc Hillis Window Rock HS, AZ
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