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  1. 182- Isaac James (Lowell) 22-3, Sr. over Austin Faulkner (Mishawaka) 22-8, Jr. (Fall 6:48). 195- Kyle Schoenborn (Hobart) 17-5, . over Jordan Mielenz (Hammond Morton) 16-3, So. (Dec 12-6). 220- Corbin Mata (Frankfort) 25-11, Jr. over Matt Szarmack (Hobart) 15-10, . (Fall 1:26). HWT- Steve Ragin (Hobart) 15-8, . over Alex Faulkner (Mishawaka) 13-16, So. (Fall 1:59). Team Scores- 1. Hobart 223.0 2. Lowell 206.5 3. Portage 201.0 4. Hammond Morton 173.0 5. Mishawaka 168.0 6. Frankfort 101.0 7. North Newton 60.0 8. Griffith 51.0
  2. From the Sagamore Conference at 170 Webster (North Montgomery) over Ragains (Frankfort) by dec 6-1 Stambaugh (Lebanon) over Pedigo (Western Boone) in OT TB-1 3-2 Webster (NM) over Stambaugh (Leb) by dec. 2-1 Ragains (FF) over Pedigo (WB) in OT 3-1 All four are ranked in the New Castle rankings
  3. 170 should be interesting. Webster- NM (#8 in NC semi-state) Stambaugh- Lebanon (#6 NC semi-state, returning state qualifier) Pedigo- Western Boone (#5 NC semi-state) Ragains- Frankfort (#2 NC semi-state, #9 overall) It should be Ragains vs Webster in one semi-final and Pedigo vs Stambaugh in the other. Tough match-ups all around...
  4. Sagamore Conference meet is this weekend. The conference boasts some strong teams. 2A #4 North Montgomery, 2A #8 Lebanon, 1A #2 Southmont, and in the Indianamat power poll #11 Danville. Lots of great individuals in the mix. Any thoughts?
  5. Frankfort vs Clinton Central twice is correct (and the scores). One was a weekday dual meet, the other was at the Lafayette Jeff invite.
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