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  1. Agree with Matt, definitely a pin. I was watching that match intently as it was of much interest to me and a boy of mine. Congrats to Logan on a well deserved win
  2. I wonder how many of todays Indiana HS top talent kids haven't wrestled with or been influenced by Bryan. I would be willing to say 0. Bailey's have certainly left their mark on Indiana wrestling.
  3. got mine, awesome magazine as always. number of years in my collection now. Seems like a big disconnect between magazine and starting rankings listed on this site at some wt classes. Opening site rankings seem to contradict performance at this sites IHPO tournament, magazine rankings seems to represent IHPO tournament results better. Long season, all will play out in coming months. Thanks for all you do at Indianamat.
  4. btw, for all those users out there, weird things happen when you use hashtag and Hendricks county on this site.
  5. Hmmm. Come to Brownsburg on Dec 6th and all will be revealed regarding line-ups with Avon vs Bburg; the annual LB HendricksCounty (smells awesome) battle royal... btw, those that rave about that cigar bar in Avon, there's a better one in the burg. The burg does all things a little better than Avon:).
  6. Lots of meeples lined up eagerly waitin for the '18 publication.
  7. Sorry, been away for a few days volunteering for the sixth wrestling tournament I've ran this year, then spending time with family before I'm off to India. I can see my comment is inflammatory toward your school's history and apologies to those in the busco community; however at risk of more personal attacks, and I declare I'm no aficionado as you claim, but its interesting that I spent most of my life in eastern Indiana and yes I'm sorry but Churubusco isn't a wrestling name, at least not in the mud hole environment of my up bringing. The sad thing that I comment on is why isn't the historical core strength of IN wrestling not part of the decision process? Perhaps they are and I'm just too ignorant to know that they are. I will restate what I said before, this is bad for Indiana wrestling, especially the small communities like Churubusco.
  8. Who's Churubusco??? Been a small town Indiana hoosier all my life until I moved to the burg and have never associated that word with wrestling. How can they have such influence on our wrestling community... sad.....
  9. Don't know many of these kids, but will comment on the ones around my boys wt. Brayden Shearer at 113. Saw him once a year ago, wow, kid is good, I think he's suffered from some bad draws over the years, he'll go deep at state this year. Ian Heath at 120, I could see him winning over Beasley. He's a very hard nosed, aggressive freshman that hasn't gotten a lot of notice on the rankings; seen him wrestle across the country, very good Freshman; wouldn't be surprised to see him competing at bankers life. Tanner Schoeff, another hard nosed kid, think he battled Shearer a lot over the past couple years, can see him easy favorite at 126 for this tournament.
  10. Adding to MattyB post with my two cents, this is bad for Indiana wrestling. This will result in a drop in quality competition mat time for good kids from smaller, developing programs. Teams will be dropped or strong teams will pull out of duals with small teams to avoid being penalized for forfeits. Developing teams will find it harder and harder to get back onto a schedule that exposes their talented kids to other quality talent that pushes and raises their skill level. A greater rift will be formed between large programs and small programs resulting in a stagnation in the smaller program talent development. As a whole, this hurts those kids in that situation and has an overall impact of lowering the depth of Indiana wrestling talent.
  11. Just curious, I know union county, Northeastern, Winchester, Centerville, and Hagerstown have all had multiple individual state placers in the past. Has Union city, Lincoln, or Tri had placers? As a former TEC wrestler, (and father of a brownsburg wrestler) I think I carry a unique perspective on this topic and can say its a huge achievement for these kids and schools when they have a wrestler break through to semi-state, let alone state. Of all the schools in that conference, I would have to say Winchester has maintained the most consistent team depth and strength over the past 30 years, just my opinion.
  12. When did Knightstown join the TEC? I'm still adjusting to Tri being part of the TEC; shows how out of date I am. Doesn't seem right if they are part of the conference, not even close to the original three eastern state line county small school conference.
  13. Centerville wins the TEC title this year.
  14. After that shellacking, I'm thinking the rockville corridor of #TheCounty will go quiet for a while.. so says da field mouse as one avonian callsa's me.. Next up #county challenge in 9 days
  15. 06 got dat roo (rest of us know as rio) boy from da county, 13 ah dats da county or nord east width dose durn muncy suburbs located nord of dat road 70 and east of da road 69; 20 dat maybe da region unless dat burg or national ranked county kid go 20, 26 oh my two da county kids battle for da gold, 32 some more good sudern boys der too, dirty eight and fordy five have more county and sudern boyz, 52 why ders anoder county hammer. those county and sudern boyz just don't stop commin. oh ders anoder couple more county boys up high, and anoda national ranked sudern big boy... maybe double digit da county golds dis year led by da burg, width the rest going to da south and maybe a couple along da nord east, looks like a possible shut out for da region in 2017.....
  16. Red Cobra typically has a group of kids go and compete. Handful of Brownsburg kids planning on competing this year. Not truly a Freestyle tournament, and not a folkstyle tournament either. More like a take-down tournament. Typically very tough competition, particularly at MS level.
  17. The freshman class appeared to have a good showing tonight in the first round. by my count and I came up with 12 out of 18 advancing, with only five of those coming from the lightweights 106/113.
  18. A little off topic, but I personally like the history of the MS 95 state champion future accolades. Only hope my boy can continue a tradition some day: 2016: Drake Campbell 2015: Asa Garcia 2014: Mason Miranda 2013: Colten Commings 2012: CJ Red 2011: Tommy Cash 2010: seems to be missing from track 2009: Tommy Forte track doesn't seem to have any history further back
  19. Today was Brownsburg 5th running of our youth ISWA tournament. This has grown far more than we ever thought when we took the initial plunge to host our first youth tournament 5years ago. We've taken some risks over the years but hope it has helped bring strength to local Indiana wrestling opportunities and competition. We'd like to express a couple thanks to those that have helped us build this tournament. First, thank you Red Cobra wrestling for sponsoring our tournament these past three years, its been a blessing having your support and influence. Secondly thank you contenders wrestling for your annual support in sending a large contingent of wrestlers, very impressive talent and numbers every year. Special thanks to Jim LittleJohn in assembling an excellent officiating crew every year, these guys have a long day on Saturday at sectionals then make the trek up to Bburg on Sunday, you guys are awesome. Finally, I'd like to express thanks to Mark Durham for volunteering his time to mentor and coach me every year in the ways of trackwrestling, Indiana wrestling is fortunate to have his skills. Thank you parents and teams that have travelled from all over the state today to compete here at the burg; especially great seeing representation from the far north and south corners of the state with the Region, Evansville, Madison, and some ft wayne kids; also Terra Haute looks to have a good thing going, was impressed with the talent I saw out of the Terra Haute teams today, that area may field some tough high school teams in the future. Thank you all Doug Campbell - Brownsburg Wrestling Club
  20. Lane Gilbert from Sullivan look good today from Sullivan at SB 98, win over Baumann in the finals. I think he's a 7th grader
  21. Sig, I'm pretty sure Alstott is still a Floyd Central kid, probably their 106 next year. Comes up to RC every Tuesday; last I saw him was just after the new year and he was still driving up from Louisville.
  22. My pick would be Winchester. Great seeing the Knights field a team at elementary dual state and finishing 3rd this year. Hope they're rebuilding a program there that'll rival the days of coach Emory & Lower.
  23. Logan Boe,106, out of Danville; possible ticket round shocker at EV SS? I think so.
  24. Seen them both many times over the years, I lean toward TheCounty on this match up. Guess we'll find out should they choose to make the "if" become a when
  25. 106 may have matchups involving the following: Curtis, Campbell, Casebolt, Bailey, Overton. Tough semi-final match-ups.
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