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  1. Lets hear some predictions... Any tough match ups?
  2. Alvarez is back in the game at 132 from Harrsion. Last year he made it to regionals before he got injured. Glad to announce that he is back in the room training harder than ever to get back. I hope things look good for him in the future. Doesnt have much under his belt this year but i feel he will definitely bring a twist to sectionals and regionals Also lafayette jeff does not dominate the 195 or 220 weight class. I do recall that last year conley beat collins 14-3 after collins beat him in conference. And recently they had a close match of 5-4 collins. And Crider from harrison also gave
  3. How is everyone feeling about there wrestlers at the first meet? I know the Harrison boys are ready for it!!!!
  4. This will be a very good regional. And surprise headlock im not sure where you got your stuff from but none of that makes any sense at all.
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