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  1. https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Features/2020/October/24/Michigan-requires-high-school-wrestlers-to-wear-masks-while-wrestling?fbclid=IwAR3bziVhQmO7gYlgteaC3XGUwklKKKtSs-BELmYInwFUwR8EWVXTX97c__Y Not exactly sure how a kid is expected to breathe, especially once it’s sweaty. Beyond that who in their right mind thinks a mask is going to stay on while wrestling?! No chance that works even once
  2. I love being able to watch several different teams and classes In one setting, but in this weird years circumstances; would be cool to have like a playoffs if you will. Just straight dual meets At host schools throughout Christmas break. obviously logistical nightmare and it’s an impossible pipe dream of mine, but I do think it’d be awesome
  3. Graduated in 2014 at 138. Now 170ish and feel like I’m rapidly gaining.. “width”
  4. I agree could probably be done in 1 day. With that said, I prefer the 2 days but 10 dollars for both days and the one and done kids on Sunday is a bit silly after hotel expenses etc are pretty steep. Besides that issue I was extremely pleased with how efficient the tournament was ran. I expect it to rapidly grow as the years go on. Lastly, I congratulate all of the champs and placers today, especially Logan Mosser from Adams Central, made it a ton of fun to coach today!
  5. Quality competition and matches all day. I'm impressed how smooth and quick the day went by. Hope to see it grow, but hats off to southport staff and everyone involved in the process! I'm sure tomorrow will be equally fun.
  6. Does the 4 lb allowance get added on top of the original weight class, or on top of the 2 lb allowance already in place for the state. For example if I had a 106 competing, does he have to make 110 or 112
  7. I personally think a chance at weighing out is Easier than going a whole night trying to make weight Sunday morning. I like it
  8. If a wrestler meets the weigh out requirement Saturday evening, do they still weigh in again Sunday morning?
  9. Is this what you think will happen or what you want to happen? I'd love for it all to happen but I think it's all possible
  10. I like baumgartner but hankenson is on another level. As for hunt and Mosser, hunt is obviously the favorite but Mosser can scrap and scramble with just about anyone in the state when he brings it. If I remember correctly hunter bates gave McCormick a run for his money as a heavy under dog at regional in the past. Again clearly I'm biased to adams central but at the end of the day I'm excited for a great day of wrestling. Good luck to all competiors!
  11. Top 4 in order including my biased opinion:
  12. Was just messing with you! Agreed will be an exciting day as always!!
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