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  1. 21 hours ago, Mattyb said:

    Eric, thanks for your reply. And..... your 100 percent right. Wasn’t knocking any coach. I truely am looking forward to seeing what the Greyhounds can bring to team state. I was just curious to what the masses think as to why these large heavily populated schools were not pumping out monster teams that match the schools sizes and resources. Your reply and the no punches held back response above are what I was looking for. As someone that has worked pretty hard to grow the sport, feedback like wrestling guys is what I’m interested in. 

    Let’s not pretend that your post was anything less than a BS, passive aggressive shot at Carmel and/or Coach P.  I’m not sure of the motive behind it (other than sour grapes), but please don’t hide behind some humblebrag quest to better understand how to promote wrestling. Changing a culture and popularizing wrestling in a school that wins state title after state title in every other sport doesn’t happen over night...but I think that you probably already know that. It’s a long road, but Carmel wrestling is certainly on the right track. Carmel has a young, talented team that has earned its spot at team state.  I look forward to watching them compete. 
    Good luck Greyhounds!
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