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  1. Zadylak vs. Watts in the first round should be a good match.
  2. I think the team race will be very competitive all day with Jimtown,Prairie Heights,and Elkhart Memorial.I think all 3 teams send 8 to semi state. 106-DeMien(NW)Watts(JT)Flores(Gosh)Schoeff(CN) 113-Mejia(EM)Whitman(JT)Boyce(DK)Yoder(FF) 120-Glogouski(FF)Moore(CN)Gimson(JT)Eveler(NR) 126-Mejia(EM)Flores(Gosh)Long(LL)Boyd(EC) 132-Luevano(WN)Yoder(FF)Mooney(CN)Steele(PH) 138-Rasler(PH)Corpe(EM)Householder(EN)Stroud(EC) 145-Kerrn(JT)Scott(EC)Weimer(EN)Leskowyak(FMT) 152-Levitz(PH)Griffin(NW)Siddons(EM)Van Allen(EN) 160-Levitz(PH)Howe(NR)Longbrake(EM)Heintzberger(JT) 170-Ritchie(EM)Bak
  3. I know he lost to Ben Streeter from FW Northside by fall at the Goshen Invite in the finals.
  4. I think Marquis Schieber at 152 from Jimtown has been a dark horse during this whole state tournament .Marquis was seeded 4th at sectionals and went on to win the Elkhart sectional,Goshen regional,and placed 2nd at the Fort Wayne semi state.I think he has a good shot to win his match Friday night.
  5. 220 was changed and that's a shame because Gurrea and woods #3 should be under the lights not in the semi finals.
  6. 106-Hunt,DeMien,Streeter,Moore 113-Pepple,Glogouski,Mockenstrum,Mosser 120-Miller,Cauffman,Langeloh,Mejia 126-Weimer,Greathouse,Gunsett,Hiestand 132-knapp,Egolf,Coy,Luevano 138-Eicher,Franko,Laughlin,Moore 145-McCormick,Vaughn,Levitz,Shipley 152-Garman,Schieber,Sturgill,Grim 160-Gray,Baumgartner,Weimer,Levitz 170-Jackson,Luginbill,Davis,Ritchie 182-Hinkle,Eli,Hiestand,Kohler 195-Howard,Dunten,Davis,Evans 220-Guerra,Paz,Summers,Hangen 285-Swartz,Cummings,Williams,Hiestand
  7. 106-1.DeMien 2.Whitman 3.Mejia 4.Eveler 113-1.Glogouski 2.Warren 3.Caouette 4.Sibal 120-1.Mejia 2.Flores 3.Boyd 4.Yoder 126-1.Greathouse 2.Cross 3.Abramson 4.Maynard 132-1.Scott 2.Yoder 3.Mcowen 4.Corpe 138-1.Franko 2.Byler 3.Moody-Neukom 4.Chupp 145-1.Vaughn 2.Kern 3.Shroyer 4.Flores 152-1.Longbreake 2.Howe 3.Griffin 4.Schieber 160-1.Mathiak 2.Graber 3.Rodriguez 4.Watson 170-1.Ritchie 2.Heintzberger 3.Kern 4.Miller 182-1.Eli 2.Nunez 3.Davis 4.Swank 195-1.Leonard 2.Tucker 3.Hayes 4.Contreras 220-1.Guerra 2.Summers 3.Paz 4.Bemiller 285-Barrios 2.Mammolenti 3.Montanez 4.Jacobs
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