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  1. First of all, we want to thank Indiana Mat, Mount Vernon High School, and the Ihsaa for all the great opportunities they have provided for Paul and all of the Great experiences we have enjoyed together. Our hearts will always be with Mount Vernon Wrestling and wish everyone there well. Due to several opportunities and situations in Paul's life we have decided to move him to Indiana Connections Academy, which means he will no longer be wrestling in a High School program. This was a very hard decision for him to make but we are convinced it was the correct one. He hopes to continue to represent
  2. Rough year! Jer is one of the hardest workers in the field! This kid had a serious injury with a huge recovery time. That can effect a person in a lot of ways! He will be back next year with a mission, I wouldn't advise intentionally getting in his way to anyone! Flo is the place you want to peak!
  3. Great job Drew! Drew came out and wrestled tough! We knew it would be a great match and it was! Not a rivalry here just two great competitors and friends! Good Luck in the off season!
  4. When you beat the Indiana State Champ you beat the Indiana State Champ. When you beat a Ohio State Champ you beat a Ohio State Champ. Repulsive! I am all for poling the kids in the cafeteria who are healthy, athletic, and have demonstrated Fantastic discipline in eating! That would be prudent.Maybe we should class the Olympics Ick!!! Paul would celebrate a 1a title about like a semi state title! And the school would announce him as the State Champ but he would be a State Champ. Not the same thing! Nothing good comes out of this!
  5. With all do respect Y2, ask all the number ones in there perspective classes if they like the class system. I have yet to meet one of them, or a parent of one of them that says they do. For team stuff it makes sense. For the guys who bust their butts to be the best it is nothing short of a slap in their face. If you do not believe me pole our 1s and 2s from this year or any year. The thought disgusts them! Ask would you prefer holding one of four or five 1st places is your state... Ick When you talk to people at a national level they have more respect for Indiana placement, with the exceptio
  6. I agree! The idea is disgusting!!! No wrestler who is truly competitive would want this! Competition breeds true success!!
  7. There are 4 regional winners in the tourney. 2 on one side and 2 on the other. Blind draw is the only fair way to do it.This draw was tough Egli and Hudkins!!! May be the match of the day!!! 120 will be fun to watch!
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