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  1. I don't think the guy was purposely targeting his injured knee but even if he was, it's still the other guys' fault for stepping on the mat injured. You can't expect your opponent to be nice and leave that leg out of the equation just because you have a big brace on it. Just my opinion though.
  2. 106- Cayden Rooks 113- Colton Cummings 120- Drew Hildebrandt 126- Brock Hudkins 132- Nick Lee 138- Sage Coy 145- Joe Lee 152- Steven Lawrence 160- Jacob Covaciu 170- Drew Hughes 182- Andrew Davison 195- Ben Stewart 220- Mason Parris 285- Shawn Streck
  3. Are there any predictions for each weight class or will there just be debating and arguing over whether or not Central and Prairie have legit records and/or unfair seeds?? lol
  4. Frankfort's first time hosting the sectional. We've got a great event planned and hope all goes well! But on to the more important stuff... Who do you have moving on for each weight class??
  5. Thank you sir, we appreciate the kind words.
  6. 152 - Isaac Alexander (Frankfort) beat #8 Jacob Ferris (HSE) 8-2 at the Frankfort 6 Team Invitational.
  7. I didn't realize he didn't try in the exhibition, my bad. And no you didn't hurt me at all, I just thought it was ironic how you only mentioned his win. But if you're that concerned with rankings then they can go ahead and put him on there instead of me, doesn't bother me any.
  8. Yes he did sir! But are you not gonna mention that I pinned him in under 30 seconds the round before? https://youtu.be/PEo2MbBCOrk
  9. Alex Ragains from Frankfort should be in the mix at 170
  10. Let's see your predictions!
  11. that makes more sense, and thank you! I appreciate it! lol no I am Skyler. Thanks though!
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